A World with No Change.

Do you like change? Most people do not. They like the routine of everyday life. Going to the same job at the same place, stopping at the same coffee shop for morning coffee, even going to the same bar every Friday night. Many people find it comforting to experience the routine of coming back to the same place every day.

I am not one of those people. I enjoy, even thrive with change. It is one of the reasons I loved my job. I never really knew where I was going to be from week to week. I mean we had a schedule but it could and did change. The schedule would say I would be in Hamilton but at the last minute I would have to go to Barrie. I loved that! I loved the fact that I would be in a different city, meeting and working with different people in all kinds of different places across Canada.

I think it is one of the reasons that moving into my RV was an easier adjustment for me. I would spend 6-8 months on the road in a year. Never in one place for more than 6 weeks. Sometimes not more than 2 weeks. I did 4 different cities in 8 weeks once. 2 weeks in each city. From Barrie to Saul st Marie to Peterborough to Ottawa. I think that was it. Lol! One time I was in 3 cities in 1 week. I forgot where I was going when Friday came. Big U turn! Haha!

Change for me is refreshing! Rejuvenating! It ignites passion. A passion for life, a passion to live.

Covid 19 stopped all that almost a year ago now. That change I will admit I have had a very hard time with. Everything stopped. The travel, the socialization of both my team at work and my friends.

As much as I enjoy my alone time and believe me there is nothing better for my soul then a conversation with a beautiful tree deep in a forest on a nice day, I am also a social person. If that makes sense. Seeing and interacting with people that raise me up is important for me. I think having people in your life like the people I worked with, which btw are an amazing group of people that have and deserve my respect and my friends that have my back and I have theirs. I am blessed with the people I have in my life. They are all over the world which is so very exciting! Including the other side of a closed border.

I am also a hugger! I enjoy both giving and receiving a good hug! I have some friends that give the most amazing hugs. I so miss those.

I did not write a blog last week. I just felt I had nothing to write about. No upcoming trips or even plans for upcoming trips. No change just the same day over and over again. I feel like I am in the groundhog day movie. Lol!

I need some change. Something to inspire me to write, to inspire me to look forward to tomorrow, to move in a positive direction. Even if I can not physically move, and its looking like that will not happen anytime soon, then I need to change something.

One of the hardest things about covid and winter is my lack of movement, mixed with no where comfortable to sit it is taking a toll on my body. In the summer I will turn the front passenger seat around but in the winter there are just too many drafts and it is too cold to sit comfortably.

So I have decided to change the inside of the van. I love my bed but I would really like a comfortable sitting area. My plan is to scale down the bed to one bench and open the walkway. This would also give better circulation for the furnace and more room over all. On one side the bed, on the other a sitting area. A small table in between at the back doors. There is a holder for a pole with a small table but I really do not want to put a table that I have to maneuver around. I have a folding table I can use when I am on my computer writing. A lot more comfortable then cross legged on the bed.

Change. It’s a little thing but something to look forward to. A little warmer weather when I can open the doors and not freeze my butt off and hopefully an end in sight to the halt that has been put on our lives and I so look forward to a world of travel, laughter and hugs!

Thanks for coming along on my Chipmunk Adventure

See you next week


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