Do We dare to Dream?

As we move to another lockdown in Ontario I have to wonder do we dare to dream? To dream we will be able to move freely within our own country never mind the world? There are so many places I want to see. Thinking that maybe the border my not be open ( my Route 66 dream) but hopefully we could travel within Canada. There is a place on my bucket list that I want to go.

Come on the dream with me!

Newfoundland has always been a dream destination, not only for the beautiful sights but the people. I have met a few people as well as worked with a great guy, Keith Braye from Newfoundland. He is an man with a strange sense of humor with a very big heart! They are so well known for their welcoming warmth I sure could use some of that.

I get excited just thinking not only about Newfoundland, but also the roadtrip!! Ohhhhh a roadtrip!! Makes me wiggle!! Through Ontario and Quebec to Labrador. If I am that close after all I have to see some of it. The deep forests and ocean views would be so cleansing. Following the coast down to Blanc Sablon in Quebec to catch the ferry to St. Bard on the Island. Just a note from everything I have read, the roads in Labrador are only partially paved so it will be a woohoo ride!

Keep your eyes out for whales!

Landing in Newfoundland I am so excited there is so many things to see. Definitely a whale watching cruise is on the list. I know, I know I will have to go out on a boat but oh man as long as I can keep my stomach where it belongs it will be so much fun! There are 22 species of whales in Newfoundland and I want to see them all!! Hahaha! No not really maybe a few!

Ohhh doing some research there is a Viking Village that is 1000 years old! How cool is that?? Beautifully restored and preserved what an interesting place to see. L’Anse aux Meadows is a definite destination. This Norse site was discovered in the early 1960’s and is believed to be the only confirmed Norse site in or near North America other than Greenland.

Working my way south a stop at Gros Morne National Park to witness spectacular views and see rocks that were formed by glaciers millions of years ago. Speaking of glaciers a visit to Iceberg Alley because where else can you stand on land and watch an Iceberg float by. Haha! So cool!

Trinity Loop is an abandoned amusement park located in Charleston. With old railcars that used be diners, and a ferris wheel standing alone within the twisted wrecks of train tracks from days gone by. I think it will be an interesting place to walk through. Maybe even a few ghosts around! Ohhh Yea!

Now if you know me at all you know I am going to look for the unusual. When searching the south end of Newfoundland I found a town called Dildo. You know I am definitely going to see what the town of Dildo would like. But lets not stop there because there is also a concrete statue of a monster Squid. Apparently one washed up on shore and was put in the Guinness World records Book as the largest found squid. At 55′ long and weighing 2 tons that is a lot of slimy sea creature.

St John’s and the history and color of the homes is going to be just beautiful. I can not wait to see and feel the beauty of Newfoundland.

Hopefully soon we all can have our lives back and get back on the road.

Thanks for coming along on my Chipmunk Adventure!

See you next week!


2 thoughts on “Do We dare to Dream?

  1. Our dream is to be able to leave Ontario and perhaps drive through Quebec this summer. If the Atlantic provinces open later on we can continue. Cheers.

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