An Adventure in Inventing

The old roll up door had done its time. It was coming off the track and had fallen so far things were falling off the top shelf at every turn. Literally every turn! Not to mention the wood chips everytime I opened the door. It was all getting as old as the door. Trying to figure out how to replace it turned into an adventure in invention. I looked on line and really could not find anything. So off to Diane’s because if I am inventing she is my go to gal! She is the person who came up with my back wall. The picture was my idea! 🙂

We came up with the idea of 2 doors on hinges. Hinged at the top and in the middle. I thought a frosted grey to go with the purple would look nice. OK we had the design. Now the materials. What to use for the doors themselves. We decided on plexiglass. Maybe we could frost it or we could get a tinted plexiglass it would not be grey but may look nice. Off to home depot.

Depending on the width of the plexiglass it can get expensive. I was kind of surprised actually. Alas they had no tinted plexiglass and I did not want clear. We could paint it. We googled what kind of paint we would need and off to the paint department we went. They recommended chalk paint but they really did not have a grey. They did have a purple though! Woohoo! After getting hinges and knobs we were all set.

Cutting the plexiglass took another youtube video and we got her husband Mark to do it. It said that scoring it with a sharp knife then holding it on an edge and breaking it was the best method. Measure the length and width, twice maybe 3 times just to make sure. Once it was cut he drilled holes for the hinges and we were set to create. Deciding on a paint design, I thought if we could frost the purple it would look really good with my purple mats. Diane brought out different applicators, brush, foam roller, a piece of cloth and we took a waste piece and experimented with different designs.

I liked #3

We decided that the 3rd option was the best with the foam roller. We painted both doors and waited for them to dry. It said 2 to 3 hours for a solid dry. Cool. Time for a drink! Going out to check that they were dry, which they were, there was a dust partial on it so we took a cloth and wiped it. The paint came off with it! Ohhhh that’s not good, I have to be able to clean them. Back to youtube and a recommendation of a sealer. Back to the hardware store and found a spray sealer. That took 72 hours to dry. Good thing I had not removed my old door yet! Pheww.

Waiting a few days we were ready to install. Using 2 sided tape we secured the knobs we were ready!The old door pretty much feel apart when we rolled it out. Little did we know we would have to install the bottom door 15 times!!! Oh my stars!!!

The top door went in perfectly except the hinges are on the outside of the opening but there was nothing to hold the bottom part out. Once we put in the magnets to hold the door shut fixed that. The next issue was the middle board was inset so the bottom door did not fit right. Take it off, cut and paint a small strip of wood to build it out. Put it back on and the door was now not fitting inside the boarder of the cupboard. Taking it off again, file it down and refit. Nope not enough! Uggg! Over and over until finally it fit. We open with elation aaannnd the board we put the hinges in split!


Let’s take the door off again shall we! One more time with a new stick and by golly I think we have it. Added the magnets to keep it shut, pulled on the knob and it came off. At this point all you can do is laugh! We stuck it back on and so far fingers crossed it stayed!

For all the work it was I think they look great! It looks much better than the roll up ever did and is way more functional, as in stuff not falling out!

I love the new area I have created! It is comfortable as well as very pretty! Ask me how many times I have gone to sit on the bed not remembering it is not there any more and hit the floor. Maybe 1 or 2 times more than it should have taken me! Hahaha!

Leaning in to grab something off the table I have discovered I need more ducks! Oh my aching head!

Thanks for coming along on my Chipmunk Adventure!

See you next week!


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