The Memories of Days Gone Bye

Roadtrip! Oh how I miss those!

There are a lot of things I miss. My friends, my coworkers, but most of all my roadtrips. Ontario has gone into another 28 day lockdown due to covid.  The Neverending story without the fluffy dog. No traveling, no friends, no family, well not my kids because nothing and no one will keep me from my children, but most of all no roadtrips. Since I cannot go anywhere let’s look back on some of my roadtrips in both my Roadtrek and my Econoline.

The end of March should have brought Action Vans party in Michigan. It is the party that starts the vanning season. A roadtrip to Taylor, Michigan mixed with a night of laughing, dancing and hugging my friends. I am so blessed to have friends all over the continent and even all over the world through the world of custom vans. My 69 Econoline has taken me a lot of places to hug a lot of people, although not in March. She has never seen a winter and is really not a cold weather girl. Like me! Lol!

My beautiful friends! 💜

One of the best roadtrips in the 69 Econoline was to Massachusetts then on to Georgia by way of Rhode Island. Wow what a fun trip that was! I left southern Ontario and traveled east down the I90 stopping just west of Syracuse for the night at a truck stop. Now the issue with changing vans from the roadtrek to the econoline is roof height. Standing in one and no standing in the other. Stopping that night I had to get up in the middle of the night, you can guess why, and stood straight up forgetting what van I was in. Ouch!! I seen stars that night and did not even have to go outside.

On to Greenfield Massachusetts for a very fun week with my friends. The National van shows bring people and their vans from all over the world. It is so much fun. Of you like custom vans and a lot of laughs you just have to attend. But I warn you once you have gone to one you will have to go to them all. Just a sneak peek at what we se check out my Youtube video.

Leaving Massachusetts I decided to go visit some friends in Georgia with a stop at a friend’s place in Rhode Island. Doc and Dee’s is a beautiful place and when I got there my friends Bob and Nancy were there from British Columbia. What a great evening and even had a little friend come to say hi.

So cute!

Driving towards Georgia and into the Smokey Mountains was beautiful. Seeing it was July the old van got a little heated a few times but did pretty darn good. There were some pretty steep hills on those mountains. Stayed the night in Smokey Mountain National Park. Ummm they have no showers. Hahaha! I was told by a sweet little lady with a Tennessee accent that there never was any. Hmmm different. I have been to very few campgrounds with out showers, that was my first.

On to Georgia to meet Ron and Theresa. What beautiful souls and I am so glad I got to hug them!

We even found a dam that need a little boy! Hahaha!

Someone need to put a finger in that! Lol!

What an awesome trip that was. 2500 km of pure fun!

My northern tours in my Roadtrek (I have done them in my 69 too) has taken me all over Northern Ontario which included a trip to Pickle Lake. The most northern town you can drive too. The campground if you are wondering is right past the airport. Lol! I thought that was so funny when the town lady told me that!

She was right!!

There are so many beautiful places there. Kettle Lakes Provincial Park is beautiful. From the woodpecker waking me in the morning thinking the sign was a tree to the black bear walking past my campsite it has you surrounded by the beauty of nature.

By far my favorite place is Dunlop Lake Lodge in Elliot Lake. Everything about that place gives me peace. From the people to the scenery, to the serenity. I so miss you all and hope someday this will be over and I can come to hear the sandcranes soon.

Hopefully someday this will all be over and we again be free. Until then it’s a roadtrip down memory lane!

Thanks for coming on my Chipmunk Adventure!

See you next week!


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