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Hi, my name is Stacey Arrowsmith. I have been living and travelling in my van, Class B RV actually, for almost 4 years and writing about the adventures and struggles and successes of real-life RV living! Living in an RV is not just about travel, things like learning the workings of a 3-way fridge or fixing a water leak behind the bathroom wall. Maintaining a vehicle as well as a working moving house. On my website, you can find over 75 blogs of the places I have been and the products and services that make the adventures a little easier as well as more fun!

As well as my blog I also have published a book on Amazon titled From Housewife to Vanlife. My book is self-published and all cover designs and images are done by me. It is the story of my journey from a place I never thought I would leave to a place I never thought I would get to in such an unexpected way. It is an inspirational story of how courage mixed with fear and determination can get you closer to your dream. My hope is when others walk with me it will inspire them to take a step on their own journey. You can find a link to my book at the bottom of the page.

Thank you for your interest in my Freelance Writing Services. Whether it is a review of a destination or product, a travel article or you need a unique blog post my freelance service is your answer!

Living an RV Life

Looking for a good content writer for your Travel, RV or camping magazine?

Oh, what I would have loved to know when I started out that I know now. It is one of the reasons I started my blog to help others avoid or figure out the workings and strategies of living and camping in an RV. From Boondocking to Campground camping there is a blog for everyone! Tips and Tricks, Do’s and Don’ts is all on my blog page. I have included a sample below.

Destination Reviews & Articles

Need an article or review of your destination? Content for your brochures or marketing platforms?

All my life I have travelled! Whether it be for work or pleasure, in a van, RV or by plane I have not been everywhere yet but it is on my list. I have stayed in Luxury Hotels as well as private campgrounds. I have done reviews as in My Best 10 Ontario Provincial Parks as well as blogs on the places I have been and the people I meet. Below is an example of the article that the owners of Dunlop Lake Lodge asked me to write.

Articles and Blog Posts

Are you looking for something different? Motivational! Inspiring! Life Changing!

Life is all about living! Inspiring and Motivating people to live the best life possible is one of the most rewarding things a person can give someone! How many times have we read an article and been inspired to write that book, start that business or just stepping out of your comfort zone and achieve the dreams that have you have been dreaming of! I have been told many times that my stories and blogs have inspired people to reach for their dreams. Let me do that for your clients too!!

Want to know a little bit more of who I am and how I got here? Check out A Little About Me. Any questions please use the contact form below and I will be happy to answer them.

Now you have seen my work and in what ways I can help you and your clients build a long relationship with quality writing! Feel free to contact me and let’s discuss your specific needs!

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