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My Recommended RV and Camping Accessories

These items are items I have or wish I had to make my RV Life that much more comfortable. Whether you live in a Van or RV or use them for getaways these items will help bring the comfort of home along the way.

Items to Keep you Moving.

Jump Start Power Bank

To keep you started try this light compact battery Jump start power bank. Not only can it be used to keep you moving but as a power pack to keep your phone charged and even has a flashlight to help guide you in your darkest moments.

GPS Navigation

To keep you headed in the right direction this Garmin Drivesmart will get you there every time. With High Resolution maps and a sweet voice to guide you it will make your trip just that much more pleasant.

Back Up Camera

Being able to see when you are backing up your rig can be a challenge. This wireless Back up camera will help guide you into even the most difficult spots.

GPS Tracking

Some attraction parking lots can be huge! Forgot where you parked your van or RV or it is not where you parked it when you return. Find your vehicle with a GPS tracking device. This a cool feature that adds a little more security to your travels.

Interior Comfort

Once you reach your destination comfort is the key. Here are a few of my favorite comfort items.

Portable Generator

A Jackery Portable generator is the perfect solution for off the grid camping. Easy to store with a variety of power options. Give a click and take a look and generate a little power.


There is nothing like a good quick meal. After all you have lawn chairs waiting. An Instapot is the perfect solution. Hot, Healthy meals in an instant, well not an instant but pretty quick.

Coffee Maker

When your talking mornings, coffee is essential. Well for me, coffee is essential no matter what time of day. A coffee maker is such an individual choice. For those that never know how many people will be having coffee, or if it is just you and nature today, I like the Keurig single serve and pot combination.

For those like me, that is not always hooked up to power, I use the collapsible rubber filter holder. It makes great coffee and stores easily.

Cast Iron Frying Pan

I love cooking out of a cast iron frying pan. There is just something about the flavor that brings you home. It is also an item that can be used over the fire or on the stove. One item for two purposes works great when your space is limited.

Collapsible Dish Tray

With limited counter space the last thing you need in your sink is a dishpan. Let’s be honest, that is where it is ending up. This collapsible dish tray can easily be put away.

Dyson Table Fan

On those days when you do not need the AC but would just like to move the air around, a Dyson Table fan will do the job. In small spaces such as an RV or a Van air movement without a rotating fan blades is a plus.

12 Volt Clip Fan

I love my 6″ 12 volt clip fan. I can clip it anywhere to keep me cool and I do not have to be plugged into shore power to get that breeze as I sleep.

Roof Fan Vent

They call it a Fantastic Fan. A fan that is put in the roof to draw the air out. It is a life saver and makes such a difference in the air flow throughout your RV or Van. Amazon also offers parts to fix your fan. Keep that baby running!

Command Hooks

I know this seems so minor but I will tell you they are a wonderful tool. I have them in my bathroom to hang towels as well to reposition hooks that are already there but are not strategically placed. An example would be the hook the manufacturer installed above my side door. Completely useless to hang anything unless I am not going out. But to move it, I would somehow have to fix the trim. Put a command hook over the jump seat and I can hang anything.

Outside Accessories

Camping is all about the outdoors. These days you can pretty much do everything outside than you can do inside. From cooking to chilling Amazon has everything you need.

Thermacell Mosquito Repellent

Nothing will drive you indoors faster than Mosquitos. Those pesky blood sucking little insects. I found Thermacell a few years ago and I just love it. It works really well even in Ontario’s north where they build their mosquitoes by the thousands. I like the fact I am not spraying anything on me and it is odorless. I can clip it on me as I walk or set it down beside me.

They also have a Lantern version so you can light your way while keeping the mosquitoes at bay.

Camping Chairs

The first thing we need is a comfortable camping chair. There are hundreds to choose from but the Directors Chair is my personal favorite. Having a table attached is perfect for putting your coffee on and elevates having to store a small table.

Outdoor Rug or Doormat

Keeping the outside, outside of your rig can be a struggle. Having an outdoor rug or a doormat just outside your door will keep the sweeping to a minimum.

Do not want something that big? They have all kinds of cute camping doormats that can be used and stored easily.

Outdoor Collapsible Kitchen Set

Having everything at hand while outdoor cooking and a place to put it on is essential for a smooth meal. This set is completely collapsible for easy storage.

Outdoor Oven

Thinking about roast beef for dinner or yearning to make an apple pie? This outdoor oven powered by propane is your answer. Can you imagine your kids coming back from the lake smelling brownies baking? Personally I think this is a really cool idea.

Outdoor Grill

There is nothing like a juicy steak cooked on a barbeque. This small propane powered grill is easy to store but has more than enough room for a steak or two.

Portable Outdoor Fire Pit

Having a firepit with you guarantees that no camping trip will be without roasted marshmallows. I love the fact that no wood is needed as it is propane powered. Wood is nice when you can get it but sometimes it is not available. This is a nice addition to any camping trip.

Traveling solo, a lot of times I do not need family size. I also live in a Class B Campervan so storage is an issue. I love the solo campfire pit. Then I never miss out on roasted marshmallows.

Hot Dog Roasters

Since we are around the campfire, hot dog roasters are a must. There are many kinds but I personally like the telescopic roasters. Easy to store and if you are roasting marshmallows, you can roast two at a time.

Pie Irons

Feeling like apple pie around the fire? Time to pull out the Pie Irons. Two pieces of bread, add pie filling, roast over an open fire and voila! Apple pie. You can create so many different fireside snacks with this tool. From calzones to grilled cheese, it is a fun camping accessory.


The perfect relaxing outdoor experience includes a Hammock. On a nice summer afternoon, swinging by the lake with the cool breeze floating over you. It is easy to get lost in the sounds of nature or even a good book. It is great relaxation tool to help you get away from it all. I prefer the hammocks with a stand. That way I am guaranteed to be able to float away.

Tire Chocks

Once you are parked, you want to stay parked. No rolling while you are sleeping or away at an attraction. Chocking your wheels is a quick easy solution for added security.

Water Hose

Having a water hose to fill your tanks is a must. I prefer the Flex Hose as it stores easily and comes in a variety of lengths.

Thank you for coming shopping with me. I hope you found some items to make your outings a little more perfect!

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