A Little About Me Living this RV Life

Myself at Old Woman Bay

How Did I Get Here?

The most asked question I get is…..How did I come to be living this RV Life?

At 50, I had a perfectly “normal” life. Married for 30 yrs. 2 beautiful girls, 2 Awesome grand boys, a house, and a mortgage. Sounds pretty good eh? Well, not exactly! Let’s move to 53 yrs old, I found myself divorced, with a beautiful little house on the lake, and life was

Did I mention I travelled for my job? Not all the time but quite often. Quickly I found my beautiful little house exhausting. Both physically and financially. Running home on weekends to maintain a 1-acre lot, Hauling wood because the house was wood primary heating. WAYYYY too old for that! Not to mention the money it was costing me to maintain and run a home of that size. Something had to change. But what??

How could I make it easier and more productive to work toward my retirement? Working and paying for a house was getting me a retirement date of the next Tuesday of NEVER. Hmm….. What to do? I have always been taught. You grow up, get a job, buy a house and retire. Renting, I always felt was a waste of money. Not to mention I am and will always be a country girl. Apartments would make me batty or battier anyway! LOL!

Here Comes My Answer

Then along came John. He lived in his 2005 Chevy Roadtrek. He showed me how easy it really is to do this. This could be the solution I was looking for. I decided that it was worth a shot! On February 1, 2017, I sold everything I owned (except my 1969 Ford Econoline, Let’s not get silly) and moved into my 2002 Chevy Roadtrek. Did I mention I live in Canada? Get the hard part over with first my Dad used to say. LOL!

The Adventure Begins!!!!

Now you now a little about how the Adventure began.

Let Me Introduce you to my Vans:

My RV Life Campervan

I live in my 2002 Chevy Roadtrek. The size of a van but with all the comforts of an RV. It is why I chose it. Working full time I sometimes need to get into small parking lots and maneuver in big cities. This size allows me to do that. She is a Chipmunk! Just like me! 

My Custom Van

She is a 1969 Ford Econoline Supervan. Almost all original except the driver and passenger seats and the gas cap, cause ya I am that kind of girl! For you custom van enthusiasts, like me, she has a 302 with a 3 on the tree transmission. Original paint and engine and interior. She is my “Finicky Bitch” She earned that name. 

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