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My name is Stacey Arrowsmith. Living and travelling across North America in my campervan. Come along as I share my RV travel destinations and RV living tricks I have learned along the way.

Welcome to my Travel Blog

Living down by the river in my Class B RV or touring in my Custom 1969 Econoline, bringing all my friends along with me on my Chipmunk Adventures. Come and share in my travels, get ideas of where to go and how to get there. Discover some of the tips and tricks I have learned along the way. Explore with me some of the beautiful places I have been to and plan your next adventure.

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The Versatility of Living an RV Life
Coffee and Camping I have lived and owned a "sticks and bricks" home for most of my adult life. It was all I knew before I ventured into the RV Life. There has been a couple of things that have happened good and bad that has made …
RV Travel Apps for Your Travel Needs
RV Travel Apps Remember the days of pulling out the paper maps, then trying to fold them back up? When I started traveling my best traveling friend was my large road atlas. I still have one but my first go-to when planning a trip or while traveling …

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From Housewife to Vanlife

This book is my journey From Housewife to Vanlife. How and Why I got here and the steps I took to make it happen. My hope is when you read my book it will inspire you to take your own journey and find out how an unexpected turn can point you in the right direction. Available in e-book or paperback on Amazon.

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