Settling in and getting comfortable with my new home

Getting yourself comfortable and settling into a new home is hard. Remembering where you put stuff. Deciding where said stuff is going to go in the first place. Even though I had purged and got rid of a TON of stuff still there was more purging to do. So I tossed out what did not fit and stuffed the cupboards full! LOL! I have long cupboards at the back that I can switch winter and summer clothes. That seems to work pretty well but I still seem to have a lot of t-shirts. LOL! One cupboard for all my bathroom stuff. One cupboard for all my food and kitchen pots and pans. Tight but it all fit! YEA!!! There is a long cupboard for things like sugar, sandwich bags and other odds and ends and a tall, narrow closet for coats and shoes. By the way living in a tiny space requires only 1 pair. 1 pair of flipflops, 1 pair of running shoes, sandals, boots….you get the idea. And no I do not even own a pair of heels! LOL! If something new comes in something old has to leave! There is no room for additions only replacements.

Just like most of you I work everyday so I get up in the morning, get cleaned up, dress for work and make coffee. AHHHHHH Coffee!! You may discover if you follow me on Facebook I am a coffee LOVER! How do I make coffee??? Its that Wattage problem again. A coffee maker or kettle takes HUGE power to run! I live on 12 volts with a 300 watt inverter so they are out. I do not like instant coffee. I love coffee but I also know and want what I like….so hmmmm! Then my daughter who is a backwoods camper, (If my van does not fit I can not go there! HAHAHA! #spoiled ) showed me a little device that folds up small but would work. A lot of Van/RV living is back to basics. I remember my Mom using a Melitta portable coffee maker when her percolator broke. OOOPS just flashed my age there! LOL!

Plastic filter holder $15.00.

Filters $2.00

Good Coffee: Priceless!!!

Part of the learning process is to learn to close cupboards and shutting the propane off in the fridge. (The learning of turning the fridge on was a laugh. John to the rescue! I was not doing it right! LOL! Works great now!) Things you have to remember to do before leaving after being parked for awhile. I guess its the same as turning the lights out on the way out but if I do not close the cupboard things FLY! HAHAHA! The long one up above I am the worst offender with. In all fairness I am short and it is above my eyeline! HAHAHAHA! That is my excuse and I am sticking with it! It is how I lost the sugar bowl. The sugar bowl is now plastic and I have reminder notes. 🙂

Last but not least as I sit in the driver’s seat readying to do what I love best! I look in the mirror to make sure my flaps are closed. Yup you read it right! The 2 side windows on each side of the van and when both are open provide a most excellent cross breeze for sleeping. Just remember to close them. They are expensive to replace. If one falls off if you ask my friend Mark he will tell you “you are in for a long afternoon getting it back on”

Flaps down and ready for take off! Stay tuned for another adventure in Chipmunks RV Life!!!

Thanks for coming by to visit!

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