10 Amazing Things To Do in New Brunswick

New Brunswick, the gateway to the east coast. A blend of the beauty of the deep forests and the openness and freshness of the ocean. With spectacular nature events and some mysterious ones as well, there is a plethora of things to see and do in New Brunswick. 1. Hopewell Rock Provincial Park and theContinue reading “10 Amazing Things To Do in New Brunswick”

Chicago: Things To Do in the Windy City

As Frank Sinatra sang it, “Chicago is my Kind of Town.” Chicago is known as “the windy city.” Sitting on the southern tip of Lake Michigan, it can be a little windy and also a whole lot of fun. In this Chicago Travel Guide, come along as I share some of my favourite places toContinue reading “Chicago: Things To Do in the Windy City”

Winter, Snow and Living an RV Life

The first snowfall of the season came to Southern Ontario this week. We all knew it was coming but still it always seems to arrive too soon. I am not a big fan of snow and living in an Class B RV has not improved that thought. Not that it can be all bad ofContinue reading “Winter, Snow and Living an RV Life”

Exploring Newfoundland: The Beauty and the Beast.

Heading west from Bonivista towards Corner Brook through the interior of Newfoundland is both beautiful and relaxing. It is dense forest and a beautiful highway. A few towns dotted the way including Gander. We stopped to get gas and a few items and to enjoy a little more of that Newfoundland hospitality. We were onContinue reading “Exploring Newfoundland: The Beauty and the Beast.”

Keeping it Cool in my Class B RV.

May in Ontario has been a little bit of a rollercoaster ride as far as temperature is concerned. One day it is beautiful at 20C (68F) degrees then the next day we were sweating at 37C (98F)degrees. The day after that freezing at 7C (44F) degrees. Welcome to Ontario! Lol! Keeping my RV somewhat temperatureContinue reading “Keeping it Cool in my Class B RV.”

5 Absolute Must Haves when RV Camping

Camping in an RV is so much different than Camping in my 69 Econoline or even tent Camping. It’s kind of like bringing your home to the campground. Ok for me it is bringing my home to the campground. Whether I am boondocking or in a campground there are things I absolutely make sure IContinue reading “5 Absolute Must Haves when RV Camping”

Massachusetts: Beauty, Mystery and Magic

Last week I took you to a place I would like to go. Let’s go to a place I have been to and absolutely loved. Not just because some of the most awesome people live there, I have a few friends there, but the beauty and diversity the state has to offer. From the beachesContinue reading “Massachusetts: Beauty, Mystery and Magic”

Oregon: My Bucket List Destination

I have always wanted to go to Oregon. Even as little girl I can remember an urge to stand on its banks. I am not even sure why. Maybe for its beauty, maybe for the nice people I actually know from there and their fine reputation for a warm western welcome or maybe there isContinue reading “Oregon: My Bucket List Destination”

The Ghosts of Niagara

Niagara is rich with history and with that brings my favorite thing about history…. Ghosts. There are many places in Niagara that are haunted. Let me share with you a few of my favorites and a couple of my own experiences. Let’s go Ghost hunting!! Hehehe! I get so excited!! Niagara-on-the-lake has many places thatContinue reading “The Ghosts of Niagara”

The Nature of Niagara

Growing up on Grimsby “mountain” I was lucky enough to be surrounded by farm land and had the Niagara Escarpment for my playground. Being in nature for me has always had a soothing effect and even with all the growth in population Niagara still has its natural sweet spots. Whether sitting by the two lakesContinue reading “The Nature of Niagara”