How To Research Your Travel Destination

How do you research your travel destination? You know where you want to go, now how to get there, what to see, and where to stay? How do you find all those cool attractions everyone is talking about and a few that are not so well known? Come along as I share some of theContinue reading “How To Research Your Travel Destination”

10 Must See Places in Newfoundland

Newfoundland, the land of beautiful places and even more beautiful people. On the extreme eastcoast of Canada is “The Rock.” An island that when you get on, you do not want to get off. The land amid the seas holds so many treasures. Home to the Viking settlement of Lief Erikson, the only known VikingContinue reading “10 Must See Places in Newfoundland”

Chicago Travel Guide: Things To Do in the Windy City

As Frank Sinatra sang it, “Chicago is my Kind of Town.” Chicago is known as “the windy city.” Sitting on the southern tip of Lake Michigan, it can be a little windy and also a whole lot of fun. In this Chicago Travel Guide, come along as I share some of my favourite places toContinue reading “Chicago Travel Guide: Things To Do in the Windy City”

RV Travel: The Roads Less Travelled!

Feeling the road under your rolling tires is an excitement that is hard to explain. The roads less travelled are my favourite. It is one of the reasons why I picked a Roadtrek to live and travel in. My van size, Class B RV fits down most roads. I have taken her down some pretty rough roads,Continue reading “RV Travel: The Roads Less Travelled!”

The Versatility of Living an RV Life

I have lived and owned a “sticks and bricks” home for most of my adult life. It was all I knew before I ventured into the RV Life. There has been a couple of things that have happened good and bad that has made me appreciate the versatility of living this RV lifestyle. The AppreciationContinue reading “The Versatility of Living an RV Life”

RV Travel Apps for Your Travel Needs

Remember the days of pulling out the paper maps, then trying to fold them back up? When I started traveling my best traveling friend was my large road atlas. I still have one but my first go-to when planning a trip or while traveling is my phone. I am pretty sure the tide turned whenContinue reading “RV Travel Apps for Your Travel Needs”

14 Winter RV Travel Destinations

As the temperature dips to minus temperatures in Southern Ontario I think about all the warm places I have been to and would like to go to. Where the sunshine warms your smile and your bones. Come along as I revisit some and dream about going to others. Alabama It was so peaceful and sereneContinue reading “14 Winter RV Travel Destinations”

An RV Life Year in Review: 2022

August was a busy RV travel month, the rest of the year would turn out just as busy. A truck-in in Rensselaer Indiana, a trip to Adler Planetarium in Chicago, and a daughter pick-up in Minnesota. It was a rolling RV Life for the rest of 2022. C.A.V.E Truck-in, Rensselaer Indiana September led me acrossContinue reading “An RV Life Year in Review: 2022”

An RV Life Year in Review: 2022

Earlier in the year, I had decided to write another book. What should the book be about? Something I love and am passionate about. Travelling is my first love, Ontario travel destinations is something I am passionate about. Ontario is a vast, beautiful province filled with a variety of travel destinations. I have travelled throughoutContinue reading “An RV Life Year in Review: 2022”

An RV Life Year in Review: 2022

2022 was filled with family, friends, fun and adventures mixed in with a few “firsts.” At my age the first time to do things is still just as exciting. As I strolled through my pictures of last year, it sent waves of warmth, laughter, and a few wow, that was fun. Come along as IContinue reading “An RV Life Year in Review: 2022”