For the Love of Writing

I passed a milestone this week. 10,000 views on my website. That is 10,000 times someone has read my blog. I am so humbled by the thought. I am also so elated by the thought. This week in gratitude to you all I thought I would share with you how it all started. Even whenContinue reading “For the Love of Writing”

An RVlife Year in the Rearview: 2021

2021 started out looking pretty bleak travel wise. January brought us another lockdown and more restrictions. The US border was still closed to land travel and was not looking at opening anytime soon. There was travel restrictions between provinces and you pretty much could go nowhere. We did not know for how long or whatContinue reading “An RVlife Year in the Rearview: 2021”

Roadtrippin Solo

Rolling down the highway if I have a destination or driving the backroads meandering the countryside it is all part of this RV Life. Roadtrippin as I affectionately call it could be a four hour tour exploring the sights or a 14 hour drive along the highways. Although sometimes I will take my girlfriend asContinue reading “Roadtrippin Solo”

How to Keep the Bugs Out of my RV.

Bugs! What a beautiful world it would be without them. Some bugs are pretty and nice like lady bugs and some not so nice and a little ugly like ticks! Ohhhh ticks give me the shivers.  There are bugs that can do damage to me and do damage to my van. They all need toContinue reading “How to Keep the Bugs Out of my RV.”