Exploring Newfoundland

We landed “On the Rock” in St Barbe and frankly needed a rest! That was a rough drive through Quebec and although beautiful and I absolutely would do it again, a long drive through Labrador! We were planning to turn east but when we looked for accomodation we noticed this little place to the leftContinue reading “Exploring Newfoundland”

Genevieve Bay Inn: A Home Away from Home

As we came off the ferry we looked at accomodations in the area. We were both tired from a long trip through Quebec and Labrador. We just needed a place to shower, do laundry and rest for a day before exploring this beautiful island. I also had a blog to write and it had beenContinue reading “Genevieve Bay Inn: A Home Away from Home”

Roadtrek Renovations Continued

For the last few months I have been working on making some changes to my home. Both inside and out. I think what really spurred me on is when I broke the bed down to a couch and sleeping area. Adding the 18″ monitor for movie watching and the bistro table to hold my coffee.Continue reading “Roadtrek Renovations Continued”

Replacing my A/C in my Roadtrek

Ok gang it got hot this week! Like stupid hot. The hot where the sweat drips everywhere and all you did was breathe. It was like a sauna in my Roadtrek. Not comfortable or manageable. I had to do something. Since I could not finish the paint on top because the weather was too humidContinue reading “Replacing my A/C in my Roadtrek”

The Northern Chipmunk Adventure Continues!

Wow what a week it has been! My continuing journey to Pickle Lake! I have seen some beautiful places and met a couple of pretty cool people. It was nice to have a nice conversation just like the world was back to normal! Where was I? Oh yes! Pebble Beach! That was a really niceContinue reading “The Northern Chipmunk Adventure Continues!”

Rvlife and a Beautiful Forest!

So what I needed! A long drive, a beautiful forest and away from the pressures and upset that is today’s society! Ok it’s an Instagram moment!! Lol! Finally!! When I left on Tuesday I had no idea what I was driving into. I knew what I was driving away from. Lol! Phewww! I drove intoContinue reading “Rvlife and a Beautiful Forest!”