How to Stay Warm in Your RV

Staying warm on a cold winter’s night can be challenging living in a non-four-season RV. On February 1st, it will be six years since I started this RV Life. I have learned a few things along the way. I hope a few of my tricks and tips will help keep you warm when that northContinue reading “How to Stay Warm in Your RV”

When Santa Comes in a Roadtrek

December is here and Christmas is right around the corner. Even though I love to wander, when Christmas comes I still want to be with my family and friends. Living in my Roadtrek has not changed that. When I had my house, dinner would be at my place with Christmas everywhere. I love the lights,Continue reading “When Santa Comes in a Roadtrek”

When a Roadtrek Friend Comes to Visit

Living an RV life in a Roadtrek takes me a lot of places and I get to meet a lot of people. Owning a Roadtrek has also introduced me to a lot of great people. Holly has a 2002 Chevy 190P Roadtrek just like mine. Except she has a generator. I am so jealous. WeContinue reading “When a Roadtrek Friend Comes to Visit”

Exploring Newfoundland

We landed “On the Rock” in St Barbe and frankly needed a rest! That was a rough drive through Quebec and although beautiful and I absolutely would do it again, a long drive through Labrador! We were planning to turn east but when we looked for accomodation we noticed this little place to the leftContinue reading “Exploring Newfoundland”

Newfoundland Accommodation: Genevieve Bay Inn: A Home Away from Home

Finding Our First Newfoundland Accommodation Coming off the ferry into St. Barbe, we looked at accommodations in the area. Tired from the long but wonderful trip through Quebec and Labrador. We just needed a place to shower, do laundry, and rest for a day before exploring this beautiful island. I also had a blog toContinue reading “Newfoundland Accommodation: Genevieve Bay Inn: A Home Away from Home”

How I Replaced my Roadtrek Air Conditioner

It is the middle of July, and it is hot. Living in an RV when it is this hot out is very uncomfortable. There is no breeze to come through the windows, and when there is, it is too hot to cool you. I do have a house air conditioner, but it has not workedContinue reading “How I Replaced my Roadtrek Air Conditioner”

How I Took My Roadtrek Renovation to the Outside

My Roadtrek renovation continues to the outside of the van. In last week’s blog, I shared what I had done to the inside of my Roadtrek to give it a fresh new look. I loved the way the interior turned out so much that I decided to paint the exterior. It was getting rusty inContinue reading “How I Took My Roadtrek Renovation to the Outside”

An Interior Roadtrek Renovation

It is my Birthday Week I decided that for my Birthday this year, my gift to myself would be a Roadtrek Renovation. The inside of the van was a beige fabric, and it did not go with the purple theme I had developed. My Birthday week started a couple of weeks ago with a beautifulContinue reading “An Interior Roadtrek Renovation”

The Northern Chipmunk Adventure Continues!

Wow what a week it has been! My continuing journey to Pickle Lake! I have seen some beautiful places and met a couple of pretty cool people. It was nice to have a nice conversation just like the world was back to normal! Where was I? Oh yes! Pebble Beach! That was a really niceContinue reading “The Northern Chipmunk Adventure Continues!”