A Northern Chipmunk Adventure Continues

As I began my journey back down south I took in the beauty with every mile! I am so glad I am here! In this moment! Doing what I love the most! Traveling down the road and writing about it! Leaving Pickle Lake and winding my way south the sun shining and the colors ofContinue reading “A Northern Chipmunk Adventure Continues”

The Northern Chipmunk Adventure Continues!

Wow what a week it has been! My continuing journey to Pickle Lake! I have seen some beautiful places and met a couple of pretty cool people. It was nice to have a nice conversation just like the world was back to normal! Where was I? Oh yes! Pebble Beach! That was a really niceContinue reading “The Northern Chipmunk Adventure Continues!”

Roadtrippin with My Friends!!

Roadtrippin with friends is so much fun! We started out from Kettle Lakes Provincial Park on an Adventure to Cochrane! One of the most northern towns you can drive to! It is a cool little town with an awesome train station. This is where you would catch the train to Moosenee. The train station hasContinue reading “Roadtrippin with My Friends!!”