An RV Life Year in Review: 2022

August was a busy RV travel month, the rest of the year would turn out just as busy. A truck-in in Rensselaer Indiana, a trip to Adler Planetarium in Chicago, and a daughter pick-up in Minnesota. It was a rolling RV Life for the rest of 2022. C.A.V.E Truck-in, Rensselaer Indiana September led me acrossContinue reading “An RV Life Year in Review: 2022”

An RV Life Year in Review: 2022

Earlier in the year, I had decided to write another book. What should the book be about? Something I love and am passionate about. Travelling is my first love, Ontario travel destinations is something I am passionate about. Ontario is a vast, beautiful province filled with a variety of travel destinations. I have travelled throughoutContinue reading “An RV Life Year in Review: 2022”

An RV Life Year in Review: 2022

2022 was filled with family, friends, fun and adventures mixed in with a few “firsts.” At my age the first time to do things is still just as exciting. As I strolled through my pictures of last year, it sent waves of warmth, laughter, and a few wow, that was fun. Come along as IContinue reading “An RV Life Year in Review: 2022”

A Few of My Favorite Places

I have enjoyed some blog worthy roadtrips. Travel destinations that when I arrived I knew I would want to go back. Come along as I share a few of my favorites. Northern Ontario Northern Ontario has been my go to place for rest and relaxation my whole life. It is such a vast and beautifulContinue reading “A Few of My Favorite Places”

Roadtripping to Minnesota

What a wonderful week in Illinois with Dave, Molly and Maggie. The Adler Planetarium was so much fun, even if the wind tried to blow us into Lake Michigan. The downtown Chicago Skyline was something to see. I was amazed at the different shapes of the high rises. One was shaped like a fidget spinnerContinue reading “Roadtripping to Minnesota”

Roadtrippin to the USA

It all started when my youngest daughter Katelyn asked if I would like to do a roadtrip to Minnesota to pick her up from her fiance’s house where she was visiting. Roadtrip to Minnesota? Oh ya I am in. With an addition of a stop in Illinois to see my friend Dave and his girls,Continue reading “Roadtrippin to the USA”

Feature Travel Blog: Kingston: Where History and Culture Meet

Kingston Ontario is one of my favourite travel destinations. I love old architecture and they have preserved that so well it feels as though you are truly walking back in time. It has a warm, welcoming feel as soon as you enter. Even when I was working and they needed someone for Kingston, my handContinue reading “Feature Travel Blog: Kingston: Where History and Culture Meet”

When a Roadtrek Friend Comes to Visit

Living an RV life in a Roadtrek takes me a lot of places and I get to meet a lot of people. Owning a Roadtrek has also introduced me to a lot of great people. Holly has a 2002 Chevy 190P Roadtrek just like mine. Except she has a generator. I am so jealous. WeContinue reading “When a Roadtrek Friend Comes to Visit”

Feature Travel Blog: Sharon Temple

This week our travel destination is the Sharon Temple in Sharon, Ontario. Located just north of Toronto this interesting building has a unique and powerful story. Come along with me and discover how a small group of people helped changed the course of history in our country. Walking into the Welcome Center, I was greetedContinue reading “Feature Travel Blog: Sharon Temple”

Feature Travel Blog: Boston: More Than Just a Tea Party

It is no secret if I had to pick a favorite city it would be Boston. The diversity of the city in both landscapes and architecture. The culture of the people mixed with that sweet Massachusetts accent creates a magic that is not to be passed over. Let’s go take a tour and I willContinue reading “Feature Travel Blog: Boston: More Than Just a Tea Party”