Reserve, Camp, and Enjoy the Beauty of Ontario Parks

As the sun warms through the windows, are you dreaming of camping? As we move through March, in Ontario, the warmth gives us hints. Summer is coming. When I think of summer, my first thought is camping. Ontario Parks has some of the best natural beauty that the world has to offer. On over fiveContinue reading “Reserve, Camp, and Enjoy the Beauty of Ontario Parks”

How to Stay Warm in Your RV

Staying warm on a cold winter’s night can be challenging living in a non-four-season RV. On February 1st, it will be six years since I started this RV Life. I have learned a few things along the way. I hope a few will help keep you warm when that north wind blows. Window Coverings IContinue reading “How to Stay Warm in Your RV”

An RV Life Year in Review: 2022

Earlier in the year, I had decided to write another book. What should the book be about? Something I love and am passionate about. Travelling is my first love, Ontario travel destinations is something I am passionate about. Ontario is a vast, beautiful province filled with a variety of travel destinations. I have travelled throughoutContinue reading “An RV Life Year in Review: 2022”

An RV Life Year in Review: 2022

2022 was filled with family, friends, fun and adventures mixed in with a few “firsts.” At my age the first time to do things is still just as exciting. As I strolled through my pictures of last year, it sent waves of warmth, laughter, and a few wow, that was fun. Come along as IContinue reading “An RV Life Year in Review: 2022”

My RV Life Travel Destinations

I have enjoyed some blog worthy roadtrips. Travel destinations that when I arrived I knew I would want to go back. Come along as I share a few of my favorites. Northern Ontario Northern Ontario has been my go to place for rest and relaxation my whole life. It is such a vast and beautifulContinue reading “My RV Life Travel Destinations”

The Problem with Snow and RVLiving

The first snowfall of the season came to Southern Ontario this week. We all knew it was coming but still it always seems to arrive too soon. I am not a big fan of snow and living in an Class B RV has not improved that thought. Not that it can be all bad ofContinue reading “The Problem with Snow and RVLiving”

Feature Travel Blog: Kingston: Where History and Culture Meet

Kingston Ontario is one of my favourite travel destinations. I love old architecture and they have preserved that so well it feels as though you are truly walking back in time. It has a warm, welcoming feel as soon as you enter. Even when I was working and they needed someone for Kingston, my handContinue reading “Feature Travel Blog: Kingston: Where History and Culture Meet”

Feature Travel Blog: Sharon Temple

This week our Ontario travel destination is the Sharon Temple in Sharon, Ontario. Located just north of Toronto, this interesting building has a unique and powerful story. Come along with me and discover how a small group of people helped changed the course of history in our country.  Walking into the Welcome Center, A wonderful young lady named MichelleContinue reading “Feature Travel Blog: Sharon Temple”

Winds of Change: RV Living

Fall has arrived in Southern Ontario. The nights get cooler, the rain falls a little more often and you begin to appreciate the warm sunny days. Mother nature telling you summer is coming to an end in the most beautiful way. Living in Class B RV there a few things I do to help keepContinue reading “Winds of Change: RV Living”

Ontario: The Strange and Interesting. The Search Continues

In my search for strange and interesting in Ontario I have come across some What?? and Wow! Travel with me as I discover some really interesting history and a little I have never seen that before. Let’s get on the road. Discovery Harbour Discovery Harbour is located in Pentetanguishene, Ontario. When i first seen itContinue reading “Ontario: The Strange and Interesting. The Search Continues”