An RVlife Year in the Rearview: 2021

2021 started out looking pretty bleak travel wise. January brought us another lockdown and more restrictions. The US border was still closed to land travel and was not looking at opening anytime soon. There was travel restrictions between provinces and you pretty much could go nowhere. We did not know for how long or whatContinue reading “An RVlife Year in the Rearview: 2021”

Christmas Florida Style

The beauty of Florida is everywhere. From the blue of the ocean to the flora of the forest, everywhere you look there is an ahh moment. In Fanning Springs State Park you can get a feel of the crystal clear water and the serenity of the forest. I took a walk along the boardwalk that runsContinue reading “Christmas Florida Style”

A Chipmunk Adventure in Sweet Home Alabama

Before I left Tennesse I had to go see the Jack Daniel’s Distillery in Lynchburg Tennessee. I was so impressed I decided it needed to be a feature blog. What an awesome place with a wonderful history, all told by handsome man with a cute Tennessee accent named Jacob. Read all about it, one blogContinue reading “A Chipmunk Adventure in Sweet Home Alabama”