My RV Life Travel Destinations

I have enjoyed some blog worthy roadtrips. Travel destinations that when I arrived I knew I would want to go back. Come along as I share a few of my favorites. Northern Ontario Northern Ontario has been my go to place for rest and relaxation my whole life. It is such a vast and beautifulContinue reading “My RV Life Travel Destinations”

Christmas Florida Style

The beauty of Florida is everywhere. From the blue of the ocean to the flora of the forest, everywhere you look there is an ahh moment. In Fanning Springs State Park you can get a feel of the crystal clear water and the serenity of the forest. I took a walk along the boardwalk that runsContinue reading “Christmas Florida Style”

A Chipmunk Adventure in Florida

What a wonderful, busy week it has been. I will try to fit all into one blog but it may take two. Lol!  Florida is beautiful and the people are so very friendly. Driving the northern coast of Florida with its beautiful beaches and palm trees. It really is a relaxing drive. It makes youContinue reading “A Chipmunk Adventure in Florida”