A Chipmunk Adventure in Florida

Along the coast

What a wonderful, busy week it has been. I will try to fit all into one blog but it may take two. Lol!  Florida is beautiful and the people are so very friendly. Driving the northern coast of Florida with its beautiful beaches and palm trees. It really is a relaxing drive. It makes you just slow down and breath. Maybe it is the salt air or the warmth of the sun but driving that highway was stunning.

Highway 98 weaves from the coast through the forests and back again. I love the different foliage here. It was strange to see leaves changing colour and right beside it a palm tree. Lol. A highway lined with trees that were so tall there was no way to see the horizon except straight ahead.

Through the forest

Then in one turn you are looking over a beautiful coastline. It is an amazing, beautiful contrast.

The beauty of the coast

Mexico City with its beautiful beaches and interesting architecture was the next city along the coast. The white sandy beaches against the blue of the gulf was a magnificent view. The houses along the coast along with being different colors were all on stilts. The gulf of Mexico is infamous for its hurricane season. These houses are ready for it. Allowing the swelling gulf and those destructive massive winds to flow through I am sure saves many a dwelling. It’s hard to imagine on such a beautiful day that mother nature can turn this view into a nightmare.

A beautiful view
The architecture
The colour

An interesting fact…did you know Florida has wild pigs? I did not. Stopping at a trail head I ventured into the Florida forest. As I walked and looked at the foliage and listened to the sounds of the forest, up ahead on the trail, just for a second I could have sworne I seen a pig. A big black pig. I kind of shook my head and thought nah…it must be something else. When I got to Hudson and spoke with my friends, yes indeed what I saw was a pig. Lol! Pheww!

Fog in the morning must be a thing here. Every morning when I got up you could not even see a little ways in front of the van. By 9 am it would start to dissipate and by 10 am it would be gone. You could almost time your watch by it. Only one day did it not do that. I ventured out as it was not too dense of a fog and I wanted to get farther south as there was some things I wanted to see.

A little foggy

Driving down the highway I could see something coming in my lane. I could barely make it out but whatever it was it was big and flying right towards me. As it came out of the fog I realized it was a pelican and he was a little drunk. Swaying from one side to the other he looked like he was using my lane as a landing strip and like Nigel in the movie Finding Nemo it was not going to be pretty. As he got closer he was almost to the ground and noticed me coming toward him. He swerved right and I swearved left and we just missed each other.  Hahaha! What was that about?? Lol. Another pheww!!

Driving through Eastport I realized I was hungry and it was already late afternoon. I seen a restaurant that had American Breakfast on the top but the sign out front was a Mexican restaurant. Perfect, I could have eggs for lunch. I did not quite understand why a Mexican restaurant would advertise an American Breakfast so being me I thought maybe the Mexican sign was an old one.


I am not sure if you all know me but I do not eat spicy food, not even a little bit spicy. I have never been in a Mexican restaurant or had real Mexican food. Well you guessed it. It was a Mexican restaurant so I ordered a quesadilla figuring that would be safe and my waiter insisted I do the beans and rice with it. The quesadilla was good! Lol.

Umm ya yuck! Lol

Thanks for coming along on my Chipmunk Adventure. Check in next week and find out why birds not alligators turned out to be my biggest worry!


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