A Chipmunk Adventure in Sweet Home Alabama

A sweet view with coffee

Before I left Tennesse I had to go see the Jack Daniel’s Distillery in Lynchburg Tennessee. I was so impressed I decided it needed to be a feature blog. What an awesome place with a wonderful history, all told by handsome man with a cute Tennessee accent named Jacob. Read all about it, one blog back. If you have never been, do yourself a favor and go for a tour. It was so much fun. 

Crossing the Alabama State line was exciting. I had never been to Alabama or even through Alabama, I don’t think, so I was looking forward to the experience. I need a campground and a shower and something interesting to look at. I had no idea I would find it all in one place.

Looking at different attractions, museums, and abandoned places, I came across quite a few things to do. I wanted to stay on my general direction of southeast but I have been known to wander a little when meandering. Lol! I was thinking about the Rocket Museum in Huntsville Alabama and I did pass there but it was in a really busy part of town and I would probably not have gone in anyway. The rockets were cool to see as I passed by though. Down through Birmingham, the roads were really rough, through to just north of Montgomery. A small Island called Jackson Lake Island. They had both Rv camping on the mainland and dry camping on the island. When I called and spoke to the lady she told me I could park anywhere I wanted on the island for $15.00 per night. There were restrooms and showers available that were clean and warm. Also few other items on the island I would enjoy!

I pulled in and put my money in the envelope and drove over the causeway onto Jackson Lake Island. What a beautiful start to what was going to be a wonderful couple of days.

The Causeway

They told me to just drive onto the island and pick a spot. There was a nice spot, right by the river with a picnic table and a small bench. It was perfect for sipping coffee and admiring the view.

The spot
The view

I had arrived just as the sun began to set. As I sat on the bench sippin coffee, listening to the end of day critters, I decided it was definitely an awe moment! Ahhhhh!

That night as I sipped tea and worked on my last blog I heard a noise outside and my van rocked a little. I could not see anything as it was very dark and within a few minutes it stopped. Hmmmm there is no wind and I know no tree branches or anything is touching the van. I will look in the morning. Hit the lock button one more time and finish my writing.

The next morning promised to be a beautiful day. As I was making coffee I heard a bleat..like a goat bleat, then felt my van rock a little. I looked outside and it was indeed goats. Like lots of goats. As I stepped out of the van to say hello to my new friends I noticed one rubbing himself on the bumper. Ahhhh that was him making me go Hmmmm last night. Lol.

Chipmunk Approved

As I drove in the night before there were watch for goats signs. I had read when I was choosing this place there were goats all over the island. Oh my stars they were sooo cute. Very friendly they just went about their business.

Oh so cute

They even followed me to the shower. Although one started bleating and they picked up the pace. I did not. Lol

I have a following!

As I was doing a little background into where I was and the main reason I chose here was the abandoned town of Spectre on the island. Spectre was a town in a Tim Burton movie called the Big Fish. I had never been to a movie set and I love abandoned so really it was the perfect place to pick.

Now I will admit that I am not a big movie watcher, in fact I really do not watch much TV. A good detective series once in awhile but that is pretty much it. I had never seen the movie but none the less was looking forward to exploring. I was not disappointed.


Walking into the town I will tell you it was still kind of creepy. Even though I knew it was not really a town, no one ever actually lived there but knowing it was Tim Burton…it was still a little creepy.

A little creepy

The main street was line with buildings and a church at the end. There were signs at the entrance that the buildings were not safe. The set was built in 2002 and the construction was really just for show so it is amazing that they are still in such good shape.

The structures of Spectre
All the details

According to the sign when Edward Bloom steps through the trees from the dark forest it is a magical town where no one wears shoes. Oh I love that thought! At the entrance of town is a line of shoes. You can also add your own shoes if you like. Lol

Leave shoes here!

Of course this magical town has to have a forest. The entrance to the dark forest are the only original fake trees from the set that are left. You know I had to walk through!

The entrance to the Dark Forest

There was also a beautiful path around the island that you could walk or drive. I am not sure what kind of birds these were that I saw on my walk. I know they were loud and liked to talk. Lol! They also would fly just above the water along the river. They are a big bird but ever so graceful.

Beautiful creatures

What an incredible interesting place with the nicest of hosts. I am so glad I came across Jackson Lake Island Campground and I will for sure make it one of my stops again on my travels.

Back on the highway heading south the Florida State line was close. It was a beautiful day and the scenery heading out of Alabama was just as beautiful as coming in. I passed a couple of cotton fields and would have loved to take a picture but the guy behind me thought I was going too slow already. Oh my stars, the way some people drive.

It’s a beauty day!

The first town I came to in Florida was Malone. A small little town with a huge jail! Lol. I stopped at the Dollar General to get a picture of the sign since again I could not get the Welcome to Florida sign because I was going to slow already. Lol!

Yea! Florida

At this point I was so close to the gulf that I had to see it. Panama City is famous for its beaches. They were not wrong. It is beautiful. What a beautiful end to a magnificent day!

Panama City Florida

Thanks for coming along on my Chipmunk Adventure!

See you next week from??? We both will find out!


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