Appreciating The Versatility of an RV Life

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I have lived and owned a “sticks and bricks” home for most of my adult life. It was all I knew before I ventured into the RV Life. There have been a couple of things that have happened, good and bad, that have made me appreciate the versatility of living this RV lifestyle.

The Appreciation

The start of my RV Life
My first day with my new home

When I moved into my Roadtrek I had some idea of the appreciation I would have that comes with having my home with me where ever I went. No more forgetting anything on business trips or vacations. No more having to come home on weekends and cut grass or shovel snow. Although I must confess that there are times I miss cutting the grass, there are also no times I miss shovelling snow. I love that I can travel for six weeks, like my adventure with my girlfriend Kim, touring Canada’s East Coast, including Newfoundland and Labrador, without worrying about what is happening at my house. If I decide to go South for the Winter? The only pipes I worry about freezing are the ones that are with me.

For me, it’s also about being able to be near the ones that I love when I need to be near them. When they need my love and support the most, I can park outside their door and be with them for whatever they need. That is important to me. My family and friends, support me as much as I support them. I am blessed with a very beautiful circle, and we give to each other to keep us all going.

It became crystal clear the appreciation that I would have for living in my RV about three years ago. My grandson Jensen was born six weeks early and at the beginning of the covid lockdowns. My RV became a place where my daughter could meet her older children and spend time with them. It became a place where I could sleep in the hospital parking lot and be there if my daughter needed me. A place of sanctuary at that time when we all needed a place to go so we could breathe. Three years later, Jensen is a happy, healthy little mover and groover, and his little brother Cassius who came four weeks early, a year and a 1/2 later, is a little joy to be around.

Myself and my grandkids

It was just about that time my brother Art was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. A devastating disease that took my Mom 23 years ago. It took my Mom quickly, but my brother was not going to give up the fight. He fought that cancer with determination and a strong faith in God. At one point he was cancer free. I knew I needed to spend as much time as I could, that we were now on limited time. My RV lifestyle gave me the flexibility to go out for dinner once a week and go for a burger.

Both my brother and I are very big fans of a good burger. (We got it from our Mom) So much so that out on my travels, I wouldn’t text him a picture of the landscape, although he loved to travel as well, I would text him a picture of the great burger that I found. Lol.

My brother Art 💜

About 3 weeks ago I was in New Lenox, Illinois visiting a friend and I got a call that my brother had taken a turn for the worse. Until that time he was doing pretty well. Starting my RV I headed back right away. No trying to find a flight or deal with delays. Just climb into my home and drive.

I parked outside my brother’s house and spent the rest of the time he had with him and his wife helping where I could. As hard as that was to do I am so glad that I have an RV that I live in, that I can pull up to the curb and be there for the people that I love. But also I didn’t have to stay in anybody’s house. I did not have to add to the burden of having someone sleeping over at a very difficult time. It was also comforting to know that my home was only 25 steps away. Sometimes moments are all we have. We have to cherish those. I miss those burger moments already brother.

The Travel

Trout River, Newfoundland

The other benefit of living this RV life is being able to travel. Being able to go from my living room to my driver seat, start the van and go. I love to travel, and I love to drive. Driving, for me is like therapy. I am also a very spontaneous person, so it makes it quick and easy when I decide it is time to go. For the last 11 years of my working career, I travelled for a living all across Canada and loved it. We had a schedule that would change where we were going, and that was OK with me. I have been and still am a flexible person about some things. Lol.

Now that I’m retired, RV life has taken on a whole new meaning in the way of travelling. The places I have been and the people I have met since retiring are amazing, as I go back through the pictures. Achieving some travel dreams like driving to the farthest north point you can drive in Ontario.

Pickle Lake sign

Pickle Lake was a great experience. A small northern community with a natural charm. I knew it was going to be great when the lady at the municipal office told me that the campground was past the stop sign, right through as if you were going to the hotel, past the airport and the RV sites were on the right. Wait! Past the airport?? The population of Pickle Lake is less than 400. Turns out it is a seaplane airport used to transport workers, hunters, and nature enthusiasts to the non-driveable parts of northern Ontario. It was fun to watch the planes take off and land on the water.

Fun at Pickle Lake

Having my RV and no time limit was truly exhilarating! Stopping at places that normally I would drive by on my way to a new work location. I was so excited to stop at places like Rainbow Falls, and Old Woman’s Bay, and explore an Amethyst mine at Panorama Amythyst Mine near Thunder Bay.

Fun in Northern Ontario

Exploring Northern Ontario is something I love to do. It is so vast and the history is so diverse. From a meteorite crash 450 million years ago at Brent Crater to the development of Nuclear Power in Chalk River or the Polar Bears in Cochrane there is something to see everywhere you go.

Northern Ontario Destinations

My travels have taken me to Palm trees in Florida, little goats at Jackson Lake Island in Alabama and good whiskey at the Jack Daniel’s Distillery in Lynchburg Tennessee, taking my home every step of the way.

Southern US Adventures

I haven’t been everywhere but its on my list.

Highway to the next adventure

Stay tuned for many more adventures and the tips and tricks I learn along the way!

What has been your favourite RV travel destination? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for coming along on my Chipmunk Adventure. See you next week.


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