The Best RV Travel Apps for Your Travel Needs

Rv Travel Apps
RV Travel Apps

Remember the days of pulling out the paper maps, then trying to fold them back up? When I started travelling my best travelling friend was my large road atlas. I still have one but my first go-to when planning a trip or while travelling is my phone. I am pretty sure the tide turned when my daughter looked at me and said “Mom, there’s an app for that.” She was right. I started looking at RV trip-planning apps, RV Parking apps, and boondocking apps. There are many travel apps but I would like to share a few of my favorites that make my RV living and traveling that much easier. Whether you are traveling by RV, van, car, or bus these helpful apps can make your journey a little smoother. Let’s get started!

RV Travel Apps

RV Trip Planning

Roadtripping in Newfoundland

Google Maps

Google Maps is a free and easy-to-use route planner. Set your starting location and RV travel destination and press start. A sweet voice will tell you where and when to turn with no worries about going off your planned route. Different settings in your route options will guide the app to your destination the way you want to drive.

In your route options, you can avoid, toll roads, ferries, and motorways (highways) for those backroads road trips. Be careful it does not take you on a road that is not travelable. Always make sure that your RV can travel safely down the roads it is directing you on. You can add a stop that is on your way and find gas stations, restaurants, or picnic areas by pushing the microphone and asking Google for “gas stations on my route.” I like the fact that it will also notify me if there is an accident ahead or a large slowdown. If there is an alternative route that will save you time the app will find it and suggest it automatically. Google Maps is my go-to RV travel app simply for the ease of using it and the fact that is free.

Google Maps route options screen

Roadtrippers RV Travel Apps

The Roadtrippers App is a favorite of many RV travel enthusiasts. It has collected hundreds of historical sites, roadside attractions, and natural landmarks that you can see along the way. Roadtrippers also allows you to search for campgrounds and RV services. Not sure what to see or do when you get there? Check out the travel guide section of the app. Giving you lists of attractions to see, places to eat, and exciting venues to visit, you are guaranteed a safe and fun RV travel adventure. Roadtrippers is free to use but you can also upgrade to Roadtrippers Plus ($29.99 per year) for more services such as saving your map offline and avoiding ads, among other features.

Roadtrippers RV Travel app screen
Roadtrippers App screen


Traveling these days is a penny-watching exercise. Getting a great deal where ever you can, allows you to go a little farther or maybe see one more exhibit. With gas prices being what they are and fluctuating in price from place to place allows you to check gas prices in any given area. Need gas now? Search the area you are in. Need gas but not yet? Search gas prices along your route. With over 140,000 gas stations listed across Canada and the United States, you can be sure you are finding the cheapest fuel in the area.

GasBuddy App screen

Other travel apps include:

RV Parking Apps

Macleod Provincial Park campground

Whether you are looking for a campground, an RV park, a boondocking spot for a night, or a free camping spot for a few days there is an app for that. Making sure I am parked where I am legally able to do so is so important to me. No one likes those 3 am knocks. Here are a few of my favorites.


Ioverlander is an easy-to-use free app that gives a wide range of options for free parking. Created by Sam Christiansen of Song of the Road and Jessica Mans of Life Remotely, this non-profit app gives you parking locations, places of interest, dumping stations, and propane availability. It is updated regularly by the people who use it on different parking locations. I find it extremely helpful in finding a safe place to grab a night’s sleep where ever I am or using the map, where I am going.

Ioverlander Map

This handy app gives you locations, prices, and reviews of campgrounds in the area you are in or going to. has an easy-to-understand legend tells you if it is free or if there is a fee to camp there. Click on the site and prices, amenities, and reviews by users will come up. Like that campground? Click “get directions” in the details screen and it will take you to Google Maps and a direct route to the campground. They also provide a trip planner which includes campsites along the way. A great go-to app for travelers. map

RV Parky

The RV Parky App has been created by RVers, for RVers. Really though anybody that camps would find it useful. With a compressive listing of RV parks, public and private campgrounds, and stopovers like Walmart, you will find what you are looking for. Find your spot on the map, zoom in, and choose an icon. An information box will come up for a glance or click the information box for more details. There is also a list button of what is in the area you have chosen if you would rather search that way. There is also a trip planner available on the app. Check it out. I think you find it useful. I know I do.

RV Parky Terrain map screen

Other RV Parking Apps include:

Traveling in the digital age has become the norm. Anything you need, as my daughter says “there is an app for that.” These handy apps can make your travels more organized and much safer. For more travel safety tips check out my blog. I hope you find these RV Travel Apps as useful as I do.

Thanks for coming along on my Chipmunk Adventure.

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