A Chipmunk Northern Adventure!

I decided I wanted to take a fall tour of the North! I can not go south! Lol! Come on border! Its getting cold outside!! Pickle Lake is the most northern point in Ontario you can drive to! It is 23 hours north from my starting point in St Catharines Ontario. I have never beenContinue reading “A Chipmunk Northern Adventure!”

5 Ways to Save Living and Traveling an RVLife!

RVliving and traveling can be expensive if you let it or it can be the most inexpensive way to live and travel. Here are my 5 top ways I keep it cheap!! 1. Accommodations Accommodations is probably the biggest expense you can have when you travel. Of course with an RV we have our ownContinue reading “5 Ways to Save Living and Traveling an RVLife!”

A Chipmunk Adventure to the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario.

My first real retirement tour was last week to Bruce Peninsula in Ontario with my daughter and grandkids! What a fun time we had! A couple of scary moments, a lot of laughs and some wonderful memories made in some ahhh inspiring Beauty! I have never spent a lot of time in The Bruce Peninsula.Continue reading “A Chipmunk Adventure to the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario.”

7 Travel Tips to Help Keep your Trip Safe and Fun!

Traveling as a way of life can have its challenges. Whether it be other drivers, animals, or road and weather conditions, there are many things that can get in the way of your good time! Over the years I have developed some traveling habits to keep me safe and I would like to share themContinue reading “7 Travel Tips to Help Keep your Trip Safe and Fun!”

A Little Piece of Paradise!

I was working in Elliot Lake about 2 years ago and had to pick a hotel to stay at. Elliot Lake is a small community, mostly a retirement community. There are not a lot of hotels to choose from. As I was scrolling through there was the Hampton and then there was this cute littleContinue reading “A Little Piece of Paradise!”

Rvlife and a Beautiful Forest!

So what I needed! A long drive, a beautiful forest and away from the pressures and upset that is today’s society! Ok it’s an Instagram moment!! Lol! Finally!! When I left on Tuesday I had no idea what I was driving into. I knew what I was driving away from. Lol! Phewww! I drove intoContinue reading “Rvlife and a Beautiful Forest!”