A Little Piece of Paradise!

I was working in Elliot Lake about 2 years ago and had to pick a hotel to stay at. Elliot Lake is a small community, mostly a retirement community. There are not a lot of hotels to choose from. As I was scrolling through there was the Hampton and then there was this cute little lodge just out of town that looked very nice. Little did I know my stay here would result in me finding a small piece of paradise and some beautiful people!

I pulled into the parking lot and was greeted at the desk by Tricia the owner. A lovely lady with a beautiful smile and a gentle laugh. Along with her husband Jess and their partner Randy make this place more than just the beauty of the natural surroundings it is nestled in, they make it cozy! The lodge itself is all done in wood with a decor of both woodsy and comfort! From the overstuffed chairs in the lounge to the view from the patio while eating dinner its both relaxing and comforting!

It’s an Ahhhhhh moment and you all know how precious they are to find.

Ohhhh let’s talk about the food in the restaurant! OMG!! I love liver. I know, I know some of you are saying “oh my gosh how could you” Lol! The thing about liver is it has to be cooked right to be good! What did they have on their specials menu! Oh ya you guessed it. Mmmmm Good dinner and an excellent price! Whether it is steak or a burger or their 1/2 price fish and chip dinner it’s an enjoyable meal at a reasonable price in a cozy atmosphere! I know heaven right!!! Wait I never told you about the cheesecake! One night I really did not have the room for cheesecake because I ate all of my meal. A knock on my room door and a lovely lady standing their with cheesecake and coffee!! Hahaha! Ohhhh these people are good for my soul!!

Mmmmmm! Cheesecake!

I just loved the rooms. The feeling of being out in the woods in a lodge. The soft wood surrounding you and that back country feel. The noises of the night forest wafting through the window. They are one of the few rooms I actually stay in as most times I rent a room for work I sleep and spend most of my time in my van and use the room for the shower! Shhhhh don’t tell my company! Lol!

So cozy!

Down by the water is a great sitting area with a nice little beach. This is where I thought I was being invaded by dinosaurs as the sandhill cranes came to visit!!! Hahaha! That was funny! I love the dragon firepit they built! You know my love of dragons!

It’s a dragon!!!!!

Just adds to the paradise! They have a houseboat that they are building and you can rent when it’s done as well as camp trailers and a cottage. They even let me park on the beach once! Well twice. Once with each van! Lol!

Vanlife 💜

This is my 5th time back since working here. A place in the north that is so welcoming and warm it feels just like coming home!

Tricia and Jess Macdonald

If your ever in Elliot Lake take the time and stop in for a meal or a day (you will not be able to stay for just a day…everyone deserves a warning) you will not regret it! Tell Trish and Jess and Randy you were sent by a Chipmunk! 😊

Thanks for coming along on my Chipmunk Adventures! See you next time!


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