Rvlife and a Beautiful Forest!

Ahhh this is RVliving!

So what I needed! A long drive, a beautiful forest and away from the pressures and upset that is today’s society!

Ok it’s an Instagram moment!! Lol! Finally!! When I left on Tuesday I had no idea what I was driving into. I knew what I was driving away from. Lol! Phewww! I drove into beautiful country with nice people and a sense of calm in the air.

As I drove I could feel the anxiety lessen, my heart beat return to a normal rhythm and a smile return to my soul. As the tires rolled down the highway I still did not know what I was driving into. As you read in my last blog I can not wear a mask. I am not worried about the virus but about the peoples reaction to me not having a mask on. I have experienced some pretty nasty people over the last few months and so many changes to both my life and the plans I had made over all of this I will be honest and tell you I am a little lost! Not sure which way to turn to feel calm and safe!

Never in my almost 4 years of doing this have I felt afraid to go somewhere. Apprehensive about pulling my RV into a Walmart and going in and grabbing a few drinks and settling in for the night! Not to do with the virus. I have been out this whole time. Even during peak. I wash my hands (I have a sink in the van 😁) and keep my distance from people and that’s how I stayed healthy. That’s easy to conquer! It is now that I am not sure what people are going to do? That’s to me scary and more likely to something bad will happen then me getting sick at this point!

I am also an empath! I have been all my life and can feel the emotion of the atmosphere. I believe many people are empaths to some degree but I know I must be careful of the energy I am around. Of the energy that sometimes surrounds me. Down south all I can feel from all directions is anger! From people on the street to social media! I could also feel it in me. I was becoming angry! I am finding myself being angry and no idea where it came from or what exactly triggered it. I do not like that feeling. It hurts my soul! It confuses me because I am not naturally an angry person! It is not a comfortable feeling!

The fear is bigger than the fear itself!

This is something my Mom and Dad used to say! When you are fearful of doing something your mind will sometimes create a fear bigger than the actual amount of fear when you do it! That is what happened this time.

When I left I packed enough food for 2 weeks, gassed up the van to as full as I could get it to and headed down the highway. My idea was that if I have pretty much everything I need for at least 2 weeks I could come into as less contact with people as I could manage. Again not for fear of getting sick but for fear of getting punched!

My first stop for gas was just north of North Bay. I pulled into the gas station and looked around and no one had masks on! Ohhh pheww! Got out, got gas and lottery tickets because surely this was my lucky day! North on 11 I go! Feeling a little better with every mile I drove! My next stop was Walmart in New Liskeard. Again no masks, people were friendly with a wave of hello and a smile! Oh my stars! It feels like home!

I had reservations at Kap-Kig-Iwan provincial park! Kim and Tom would be up tomorrow. I pulled into the spot and it was a mud hole! It was a pull-through site, small and no picnic table! Ok this is just not going to do! Called K8m and said “Oh girlfriend we can not stay here”. We had plans to be there for 4 days and in a mud puddle with no place to shower is not where I wanted to be. I looked at some other places around but most campsites were filled. Looking north I realized I was only a couple of hours from Kettle Lakes! Oh RIGHT ON!! Gave them a call and headed out in the morning!

After about an hour it started to rain and was coming down pretty good! Oh my stars I am so glad I was not still in the mud puddle! Stopped at the Arctic Watershed well because it’s a cool spot to be and I needed to make a coffee and a sandwich! Highway 11 is a beautiful drive, the rain made it a little bit of a hang on tight ride. When it’s raining that hard, the puddle factor is a very big pull to the right or the left! Lol!

Pulling into Kettle Lakes, a nice greeting at the park office and off to the campground! Pull up, park and AHHHHHH! Oh that’s so much better!

I spent a month in Kettle Lakes Provincial Park last year for work. I love the ruggedness of the park and the sites are surrounded by trees. Even if you have neighbours you do not even know it!! This is where I saw the bear walk by!! Hahaha! Oh so hoping that happens again! I love communing with nature! It calms my soul even if it makes my heartbeat a little faster if that makes sense!

Tom and Kim arrived later that evening and I was greeted with “well that was a long ass drive”. Hahaha! But worth every mile!

We decided that we would make this our base and explore from here. Tomorrow is a planned visit to Cochrane and Moonbeam! In the meantime we can make friends with the Chipmunks!! 😊🐿

Chipmunks are the best!!

See you all on the next Chipmunk Adventure!!


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