The Start of a Dream!

We all have dreams! Where we would like to be one day. What passion we would like to follow. How we get there can sometimes be a surprise!

As I sit at the lodge my friends asked me when I was heading back down south. It snowed this morning, so soon!! I have been here for a week. Enjoying the beauty of this place as well as the endearing friendships I have made here. It occurred to me I have no real deadline! I do not have to be to work on Monday, or there is no house waiting for me to get ready for winter. How cool!! Am I here? Am I where I always wanted to be?

My dream has always been to travel and write. How I was going to accomplish that I was not sure! As I was raising my kids, working my way through corporate Canada always in the back of my mind was my dream!

I traveled as much as I could with my custom van then when I moved into my Roadtrek I started my blog about my adventures! I was getting there!! Writing and travelling! But there was something missing! I was not sure what it could be!

Now I know! It was this feeling! It was a feeling of true freedom and the knowledge that my future is totally in my hands. No boss I have to impress to get ahead, no time lines set out by another person. I set my own deadlines, like a blog every Sunday morning, and the writing of my first book done by the time I head south.

Now there are also other factors I need to consider. Mother Nature has her own time line as well. Being north in mid October the weather could turn. There are things I have not done like winterize my tanks because I know when I get down south, well as far as I can go since the border is closed, I will have running water for at least another 3 weeks! Thats important!! Hahaha! Running water is a gift especially come spring when I have not had it for months! I want to keep it as long as I can!

It’s the little things!

My Bucket list!

One of the first things I did was pull out my bucket list. Do you have a bucket list? Everyone should have one. Now there are a few things that are not possible at this time, like Kirkyard, Scotland. There lies the most haunted cemetery in the world and is by far number 1 on my bucket list as well as standing in a real 16th century castle where I am told the best are in Portugal. Thinking I can knock those 2 off in one trip! Lol!

Route 66 in the USA! This has been a dream for a long time. The memorabilia and ghost towns along that highway is something I always wanted to experience! Going west, to stand on the Oregon coast. I have no idea why. It is something I always wanted to do even as a little girl. Maybe there is something I am supposed to do there, I am not sure.

Since Covid has a few possibilities shut down I looked at the ones I could do.

Newfoundland is also on my list but was closed! The most northern point in Ontario you can drive to. As you saw by my blog that has a checkmark beside it! That felt so good!! It was like a new beginning to an exciting future!

To write and publish a book.

I had started a book a few times! This one I had been working on here and there and started before I left work. I will tell you writing even if it is your passion is sometimes very difficult. I find I have to be in the right space. Sometimes I can write for hours and sometimes only for minutes. My mind wanders or I have a lot on my mind with other things. When I retired a lot of that cleared. My job was very mind intensive and did not always end after 8 hours. I write best when I am relaxed and in a forest! Lol! Now I obviously can not always be there. My time with my kids and my grandkids and my friends is also invaluable!

Making my own deadlines I wanted to have the writing portion done before heading back down south. My daughter is going to help me fill in the pictures and create my writing into a book. I am so proud of me! The writing portion is done before my tanks froze! Hahaha! Woohoo! Half a checkmark! I hope to have it Published in the next month! Working my way to a full checkmark!!

As I sit on the dock of the Bay, lake actually, I think am here? Is this the feeling I have been chasing? I believe so. Is it perfect? No but it is so beautifully flawed that I can still feel the warmth of the sun on my face and the future is so bright I gotta wear shades!! 😎


I am so glad I gave it all up and moved into my RV! When it all started I had no idea it would bring me here! As we live our lives make sure not to put those dreams to far away. Keep them close, always within view because you never know when an opportunity will present itself so you can say “I am here”.

Thanks for coming along on my Chipmunk Adventures!

See you next time!


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