The Real Journey Begins!

My New Begining!

I did something last week! You are so not going to believe it! I almost do not believe it!!

I put in my Retirement papers! Yup! As of today it is my last official day of work! No I am not at work! I took the day off! Lol!

Retirement was not supposed to happen for 3 more years. I loved my job! But it has changed over the years. With this covid thing my job changed dramatically. Changes to the department, to the description and for some of us the job itself. No more travel which for me was the biggest thing. I love the team of people I work with and will miss them immeasurably, but it is time for me to take a different path!

This decision did not come easily. My pension is small because I am choosing early retirement and I do not have the years in to make even 3/4 of what I make now. But enough to make 1/2. I have lived frugal before and can do it again. Especially now I live in an RV!

Is making money the most important thing? No I do not think so….Life is the most important thing and I think that life for me is on the road! My job has become stationary and there is no telling how long. That becomes difficult for me. I also get itchy!!! Hahaha! No not a rash itchy but wiggling to drive itchy! I have been doing my job over 11 years now. The people and the traveling is why I have stayed in this department so long! The people made the job fun. I have to have fun. When I am not its time to change.

The people! Its hard to change your life completely! One of those things that sometimes is hardest to leave is the people. Some of these guys and girls I have worked with even before I got into this department. We work mostly independently but when we got together, Ohhhh boy there were some fun times.

Like the time I marked Denis with a red marker. Hahaha! Omg! We were working in Thunder Bay. We used red markers at work on certain projects. I am really really bad with them, like better throw that work shirt away because I forgot to put the cap on the marker and put it my pocket! People stay away when they see me with an open marker. He is very proper and you can be sure there are no red marks on his shirts, unless he is working beside me. Good thing he and I like scotch and I happened to have some Chevis Regal! Lol! Living in a van saves me again. Working with Dave, Jeff, Marc, Garry, Tyler, Lees and the rest of the Ottawa team is always both uplifting and moments of uncontrollable laughter.

All those special moments. Darren having a picture of me missing a parcel on a sheet and that picture showing up at his next count. OMG I laughed so hard when I seen it on my clipboard. I still owe him a coffee. If you want to go shopping in the US and near a border then all Sarah needs is a suggestion and she is in. What an awesome lady she is. One of the strongest women I have ever met! Sal, Per, Jim, Dan, Victoria, Gail and the rest of the London team are just darn entertaining as well as fabulous teammates!

My team! Oh those most awesome people! Lets talk about memorable moments! Getting Rob drunk and listening to him giggle, makes me giggle just thinking about it, and that fact I helped him find a button on his computer once! Woo-hoo!! Lol! Dave being so dam tall, losing his coffee and having everyone look up for it. Walking with him for me is like jogging! Lol! We travel all over the country and went backroading on Vancouver Island with Everton. The man has a memory of an elephant. Its amazing what he can remember but gets a little antsy when no direction is given. I am not sure what was more enjoyable and entertaining watching the scenery or watching him as we went down the logging road. Hahaha! I love Lisa. She is a dynamic awesome lady that you are always glad to have on your side. I will much miss Bill’s food and sense of humor. He made these awesome tomato things for munchies one day! OMG! They were good, and the fact he goes for coffee does not hurt either. Lol! Sam, when you hear the word smart-ass that is Sam, and it comes so naturally! Hahaha! A smart-ass with a heart of gold! Its rare! Mike is our get along guy! So easy going and kind and his family makes Conolis!! Like real Italian conolis! Dan is so quiet but do not let him fool you is he is listening and will jump in and make you laugh when least expected. Never did get those muffins tho!!! Haha! Lou is the techy guy. A big man with a big heart! Ron, I have worked with Ron since I was a contractor. He is always a stable voice in an otherwise chaotic world. Lynn and Matt just came into our department but we hit it off right away!

I was also pleased to have some of the best bosses I have had in my working career. Blake who was my boss from the time I came into the department now manager. Never have I felt so in tune with someone as when he was my direct boss! Bill, Dan and Andy they all worked with you and sometimes it did not even feel like I was working for them.

When you think phone a friend which in our job was a staple you thought of these people. Even if the phone call was I have talked to in awhile and I miss your laughter. When I lost my house it was these people that kept me from losing myself! I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to know and well as work them!

Having them as friends not just coworkers is a pretty special thing!

If I am in the area I will definitely go out for beer and wings! I love watching people drink beer! Hint hint!!

It really is with a sadness that I say goodbye, but also with an excitement I have never quite felt before!

This is the 3rd major change for me in 6 years. Maybe the other 2 were to prepare me for this one!

People say go where your passion takes you and you will always be successful! My passion is to travel and write!! Let’s combine the 2 and see what comes of it.

So with that keep an eye on my blog, tune into my YouTube channel for some awesome upcoming Chipmunk Adventures.

I am sooooo Excited! Its time to chase my dream!

Now the real fun begins!!!

Thanks for coming along on my Chipmunk Adventure!

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See you next time!


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  1. Hi Stacey congrats on your retirement.. If you ever get to Va.Beach your always welcome to visit. Be safe Hugs

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