Christmas Florida Style

The beauty of Florida is everywhere. From the blue of the ocean to the flora of the forest, everywhere you look there is an ahh moment. In Fanning Springs State Park you can get a feel of the crystal clear water and the serenity of the forest. I took a walk along the boardwalk that runsContinue reading “Christmas Florida Style”

Christmas Chipmunk Style!

The week before Christmas and all through the van there is STUFF!! With Christmas coming up I have gifts, rolls of wrapping paper and a lot of extra stuff in my van. I have no room for that but I am making the sacrifice of only having half my bed and moving the big itemsContinue reading “Christmas Chipmunk Style!”

The Holidays Van Style!! 

Since moving into my RV holidays have become an adjustment. Christmas dinner was always at my house! We would go out and cut a tree and decorate it. The kids would come Christmas day and I would delight in the smiles as they opened their gifts and we would all sit down to a wonderfulContinue reading “The Holidays Van Style!! “