The Holidays Van Style!! 

Since moving into my RV holidays have become an adjustment. Christmas dinner was always at my house! We would go out and cut a tree and decorate it. The kids would come Christmas day and I would delight in the smiles as they opened their gifts and we would all sit down to a wonderful meal. No doing any of that in the van! Oh we still get a tree but only one. My oldest is the only one with room for one! Lol! Katelyn has a small apartment but I am sure when her fiance moves here it will move up to 2! And me, well there is definitely no room for a live tree!! Lol! Or a fake one!

Getting gifts for me is the fun of it all. Things that will give them delight, smiles and a few laughs! Sometimes I try and it all goes all wrong!! Lol! Like the time I got my grandkids Minions. They were these cute little dolls that when you pressed their tummies they laughed. I thought they would Love them and oh they did! Then my daughter leaned over and asked me why I got her children Happy Pills??? Hahahaha! What?? They are minions!! She laughed and laughed and said nope Mom they are happy pills!! Ohhh nooo!! They still have them I think!! Lol! Gifts to me are something from the heart! I hate shopping but if I am looking for just the right gifts then shop I do!

It is also all about the surprise! I would put them in a closet, in the basement, out in my custom van. Anywhere they could not find them. So hiding gifts in a van is a little difficult!! Moving them for weeks from the bed to the front and back again is exhausting to say the least!! Stepping over, around bags and stuff!! We will not talk about the big gifts that are left at friends houses!! Where do I hide 2 yards of Chocolate?? Ok ugggg!!! Is it Christmas yet??

Then I decide to get a Chimera for my friends for Christmas for their new Gazebo! Ummm there is no hiding that! Since I moved into the van Christmas eve is spent with my friend Diane wrapping gifts, drinking eggnog, watching Christmas movies and laughing! It’s a wonderful evening spent with a beautiful friend! Since the Chimera was for them so how am I to sneak it into the gazebo after they go to bed? Ok so you know, my idea of how big and heavy these thing are was greatly under rated!!! Hahaha! The guy put it into the van and I had to get it out! So Christmas Eve I ran to the pottery store and stepped over it for the rest of the evening making sure Mark or Diane did not open the door. Getting it out was hilarious! I so hoped they did not hear me laughing! But the surprise was so worth it!! Everything is figureoutable!

Christmas day was spent with my kids. I watched the smiles as they opened their gifts, what a beautiful meal my daughter cooked! Both my kids are good cooks, probably because I wasn’t! Lol! We played board games and laughed! I am so blessed to have such a beautiful family!

Boxing day was spent with Kim and Tom and getting ready for a roadtrip! I am off work for 2 weeks so time to travel! Spending 2 weeks in Northern Michigan mending my soul! Ahhhhhh!

Is it different.. Yes! Are there somethings I miss.. Yes. Would I change it? Not for now! I like this life and the people that I am blessed with in my life help me make it work!

Life is Good!

Thanks for coming along on my Chipmunk Adventure! See you next time!


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