Excited about 12V Appliances! That’s me!! 

Is it strange I get excited about 12V appliances? I do not think so I live a 12 V life! Lol!

As you know power is a thought process in my world. I never thought about switching a light on or turning the coffee maker on. It was always a flip of a button! Now it’s how many volts is that going to pull?

My latest find is a cool little 12V shop vac! Wet or dry it sucks it all! I found it at Big Lots in the US for $12!! Oh flippin bonus!! Its small and compact and once out of the box it can go back in which is soo bonus! Fits under the bed no problem! Winning!!!

I have a few 12V appliances now! My fan which draws very little to run is a life saver in the hot weather. Heat brings on hot flashes because it would be way too convenient to get them when you are cold!! My AC unit does not work so opening both side windows and turning on that little fan works wonders for staying cool.

Since I live a 4 season life in the winter it is all about staying warm! I found a little 12V heating blanket that I put on the bed. It even has a 45 min timer on it so I do not leave it on after I fall asleep and run my house battery down. I love sliding into a warm bed on a cold winters night.

Not all 12V appliances work well or are convenient! I bought a little 12V oven. It uses a lot of power and is good for warming but I would not try to cook meat in it! Even if it is 12V some use more power than others! When I am boondocking my house battery is my power source. In the winter with the furnace running to keep it warm and the lights because it gets dark so early. That puts the house battery on quite a load already. Adding a 12V appliance to that you need to watch the gauge! It may require an engine start! Lol!

I am always on the lookout for different small things to make my life just a little more comfortable!

Thanks for coming along on my Chipmunk Adventure! Keep it Green!! 👍


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