It’s Almost Over!

Someone told me I have been quiet lately! Yes this is true! I will tell you a secret! I struggle with winter! I have never been a winter lover. The short days, the missing warmth of the suns rays and the cold dark nights. Since moving into the van I find it even harder. There are fewer places to park, the worry of getting snowed in somewhere, no running water, but mostly my small space gets even smaller. Keeping warm means making my space as small as possible to keep the warmth in and the cold out. In the warm weather I would turn my passenger seat around and sit up there. In the winter the cab is just to cold to do that. When that North wind blows you find all the drafts!! Lol! There is also getting up 2 or 3 times a night to start the engine to charge the house battery to keep the furnace running. Broken sleep does not help when you have a full day of work to put in.

I have always lived in a big space. I was born in the country and raised my kids there. I always have owned a big piece of property and there was always lots to do and a million steps to do it in. Even my little house on the lake had an acre of land. I find that reduction of space hard especially in the winter when I do not want to go for a walk or a trail hike because I sooooo hate the cold.

The Struggle is real!! When I struggle I get quiet and focused. Like my Dad used to say put your hip waders on, head down, and trudge through for it will surely end. It’s almost over. 2 months until Parks open again, 4 weeks until running water, 3 weeks until spring and hopefully I can lift my head and let the warm rays of the sun warm my soul!

I do try to make the best of it. Just like everything! A stop at Silent Lake Provincial Park. Although finding the hydro pole was a little bit of an effort. Lol! I even called the office because surely it had to be close. She said it was to the right of the site. Ummm nope it was plowed under at the back of the site! Close tho!! So after trying to get around the snow bank falling 3 times, the last time I was laughing so hard I just layed there and laughed and made a snow angel because well why not I was there, I decided that climbing over the plowed snow would definitely be easier. So glad no one was in the park watching the crazy old lady trying to plug in! Lmao!!

I had a great couple of weeks with John. Normally in the winter he is in the warmth. This year we decided to meet while he was in Michigan! Ohhh right on! Not so much but he warms my soul much like the sun! We stayed at a State park in Cadillac Michigan. What a cute little town. The temperature was all over the place. From well above freezing to OMG below. Lol! We watched the ice fisherman put there huts on the ice then take them off. The big lake seemed to be sufficiently frozen to leave them but the little lake was not. Watched a guy watch his ice hut sink half way then freeze that way! Haha! Should not laugh but we heard some swearing going on. Went to an IMAX theater for the first time. That was very cool. The squirrels were so fun to watch! John had them eating out of his hands. It was a fun 2 weeks with a great guy!

Next year let’s hope for Florida tho shall we!! Hahaha! Hint hint!

Having time with my Grandkids in the winter is hard. In the summer we go to parks and outside venues. Let them run around like crazy people and they nap and so does Grandma! Haha! It’s not like come to Grandmas and have movie night! This year one of the places we went to Fort George. Boobear is a history nut and Peanut is a gun nut! Lots of space to run. They had a musket demonstration and the boys could dress up like 1812 soldiers with wooden muskets. They had a blast. The first time I have seen them sit and actually listen to a demonstration! The secret is history and guns! Lmao!

When he shot the musket, Peanut, he is 7, asked if he could fire it next. The man said when he is 16. He anxiously awaits the age of 16! Lol!

Not a lot of people and the tours of the barracks and history was interesting! It is also haunted which peaked Grandmas interest so we all had a blast. Walking up to the turrets was a slippery slope tho! The boys did fine and up went well but Grandma came down on her butt which did not hurt but I was glad when we got to the kitchen fire so I could dry my butt! Lol!

Making the best of it. Head down with the sunshine in sight! Focused on making it work!

Thanks for coming on my Chipmunk Adventure with me! See you next time!!


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