14 Winter RV Travel Destinations to Escape the Cold

As the temperature dips to minus temperatures in Southern Ontario I think about all the warm places I have been to and would like to go to for my Winter RV Travel Destination. Where the sunshine warms your smile and your bones. There are so many choices here in North America. Come along as IContinue reading “14 Winter RV Travel Destinations to Escape the Cold”

How to Stay Warm in Your RV

Staying warm on a cold winter’s night can be challenging living in a non-four-season RV. On February 1st, it will be six years since I started this RV Life. I have learned a few things along the way. I hope a few of my tricks and tips will help keep you warm when that northContinue reading “How to Stay Warm in Your RV”

On the Downslide

February although usually the coldest month is the point where I start looking forward to spring. 2 months until running water, 6 weeks if the weather turns warm sooner or the border opens. Lol! The thought helps me get through. This week the temperature plummeted. For the most part I have figured out how toContinue reading “On the Downslide”

As the Temperatures Begin to Plunge!

Have I told you I hate winter? Nothing has changed even in Vanlife. We have had it pretty good in Southern Ontario so far but this week winter is starting to turn her ugly head. The wind gets colder and the temperatures begin to plunge. It is impossible to keep it totally warm in theContinue reading “As the Temperatures Begin to Plunge!”

Hot Chocolate and Candle weather has Arrived!

While we had a fairly warm November with temperatures warm enough for me to have to light my fridge, living in southern Ontario you know it can not last. It is after all winter and although 2020 has been a pretty weird year I knew the cold weather had to come. The first week ofContinue reading “Hot Chocolate and Candle weather has Arrived!”

Home is where my heart is!

Sometimes my job involves travel and although I stay in nice hotels and rent nice cars my van is still home and it’s nice to come back to. I landed in Toronto Friday from St John New Brunswick, Thanks to Kim and Tom for picking me up from the airport and looking after my homeContinue reading “Home is where my heart is!”