On the Downslide

Spring is coming!

February although usually the coldest month is the point where I start looking forward to spring. 2 months until running water, 6 weeks if the weather turns warm sooner or the border opens. Lol! The thought helps me get through.

This week the temperature plummeted. For the most part I have figured out how to plug in most nights but even then when the wind is blowing and the temperatures are in the minus double digits my toothpaste will still freeze.

I am so pleased with the additions I have made. The puzzle flooring is doing a good job at keeping the cold at bay at my feet. The 2 extra batteries I added are so very helpful. I can make it through a whole night boondocking without starting the van and still be warm tucked under my blankets.

I must say I do miss the north at this time of year. Not really north like Timmins but I have made a stop at Silent Lake Provincial Park every year around this time. It makes winter a little more bearable parked in such beauty. There really is no sight like the sun sparkling off the snow and the silence the sound of snow falling in the woods. It is therapeutic!

Goes great with Hot Chocolate

Staying in one area is difficult for a person with my lifestyle, really difficult for someone with my personality. I love to feel the tires down the highway. On my way to somewhere or nowhere. Off on an Chipmunk Adventure not knowing what I will find when I get there or on the way. When I retired I was so looking forward to having the time to stop and see all the ahhh moments I come across. Hopefully soon! The open road calls to me whether it is snow covered or basking in sunshine. I am so hoping I can answer that call sooner than later. Until then I will hold my family and my friends close and know if nothing else I will have running water in 2 months!!!

We are the downside of winter and for that I can be grateful. In the meantime I will make a hot coffee and put on a warm pair socks and know the warmth of the sun is coming closer!

Thanks for coming along on my Chipmunk Adventure!

See you next week!


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