Hot Chocolate and Candle weather has Arrived!

While we had a fairly warm November with temperatures warm enough for me to have to light my fridge, living in southern Ontario you know it can not last. It is after all winter and although 2020 has been a pretty weird year I knew the cold weather had to come.

The first week of December brought the snow and colder temperatures. Not minus holy crap but near 0 so brrr! There are a couple things I do to keep it comfortable in here.

I think the worst thing at this time of year is the dampness. Living in a tin can it can get damp as well as cold. I do not really have an issue with condensation in the van but I do have an issue with dampness in my bones. It makes me ache which really is nothing new. I have always felt the cold. While most people had light jackets on I had a snowsuit. Lol! But when it gets damp thats when my bones get really achy.

I have been travelling in a van a long time and most of the time an uninsulated one. Dampness and condensation was a real problem in the 69 or the 74 before that. When travelling and sleeping in a field or a friends back yard for a get together the van would get very damp inside by the time bed time came. A candle is the perfect solution. I would light one about 30 min before bed and by the time I got there the dampness would be gone. Now that being said BE CAREFUL! Having a candle lit is dangerous and needs to be dealt with carefully. In the 69 Ford I have a counter but the walls are also lined with 50 year old paneling.

My ’69 💜

I have a glass plate I put the candle on and always use a thick stand alone candle. You do not want the van rocking for any reason and the candle to be able to fall over. In the Roadtrek I always put the candle on the stove top and since most of the time I am already in here I can make sure it does not fall over. I will also not go to sleep with it burning even though it is safely lit. Even if you are in a house that is not a good idea.

It is amazing how a small flame will dry up the dampness. I also have my furnace but remember I am working with 12v of power so if I do not have to have it running for long periods of time I can save on power and not have to get up in the middle of the night to start the van.

My new puzzle flooring

I came across this puzzle flooring in a little store called Hart’s in Welland. It is a thin foam type floor for kids to soften their fall when they are little. Usually it comes in bright colors or patterns but I happen to find this woodgrain and it is fabulous. It is like a puzzle so easy to.out together and cut to fit. I love the look of the feel as well as the extra insulation under my feet.

One thing about this time of year is I do not have to light my fridge, well most days. I learned the first year that if I light my fridge and the temperatures drop everything in my fridge will freeze. I hate scooping ice milk out for coffee in the morning or squeezing the carton so it plops into my coffee! Lol! It’s just not right!

Keeping a close eye on the temperature is a must at this time of year. Never mind the stuff in my fridge but my fruit as well. Frozen bananas are not really fun unless dipped in chocolate. If the temperature is going to really dip I will wrap my fruit in a towel to keep it from getting to cold. Not to much of concern this early in the season but I do live in Canada so you never know.

If the temperature is really going to dip under 0 at night I will also make sure I run the van to charge the house battery. It becomes a delicate balance to keep the furnace so it will run but not run often enough I have to get up and start the van in the middle of the night. When it gets real cold I will put a blanket wall up and make the house portion of the van a little smaller to optimize the furnace. Hopefully we will not see those temperatures for another month.

For now it is a fight with the dampness and comfortable cold I call it. An extra pair of socks, a sweater, a hot chocolate watching Netflix in the soft light of a candle makes it a cozy evening!

Thanks for coming along on my Chipmunk Adventure!

See you next time!


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