Odd and Unusual Things in Ontario

Screaming Heads, Burkes Falls

I love odd and unusual things. Maybe because I am a little odd and unusual myself. Screaming Heads in Burkes Falls was so very cool. I will be going back after covid is over to tour the castle for sure. Do not forget to check out my tour on my Youtube Channel https://youtu.be/JmHIzPMz_aM Come jump through a screaming head with me! Haha! So much fun!

I have seen a lot of unusual things in Ontario. Some very well known like the giant goose in Wawa and I am pretty sure I was the only one who did not know that Winnie the Pooh started in White River. Some I have found by accident like the Stargate to the Alternate Universe while searching for a ghost town. Some I have found by googling Odd and Unusual things to see.

When talking about odd and unusual you have to mention the UFO in the middle of nowhere. I remember when I first came across the alien spaceship driving down Hwy 11 in Northern Ontario. In a little town called Moonbeam. I actually went to see the town as I had seen the name on the map and I love moonbeams! I was so surprised to see this UFO in the middle of this small little town.

Take me away!!

So I got to thinking since who knows when we be able to travel outside the province again what other odd things are there to see. I found a few I am definitely going to make a point of seeing.

Right here in Southern Ontario is the longest living Sugar Maple tree. It is said to be over 550 years old. Growing since the early 1500’s it is called the Comfort Tree. I love trees, not just for the shade but also for the feel. Oh the stories that tree could tell. It is located in Pelham Ontario at  The Comfort Tree Conservation Area. The name came from a family that donated the land the tree is on to the Niagara region conservation authority. Whats so unusual? It is 500 years old! Lol! This is a must to go see.

Image is from the conservation website.

Keeping in Niagara when you speak of odd you have to mention the Screaming Tunnel. There are lots of ghosty things in Niagara but the screaming tunnel is a cool place. There are few stories that surround the tunnel. The screaming tunnel is a limestone tunnel that once had railroad lines running over top of it. The stories vary from a little girl screaming to a woman who would fight with her husband every night and go to the middle of the tunnel and scream at the top of her lungs. Which ever it may be it is said in the night if you walk through the tunnel you can here her scream. Interesting note..this was used in the filming of Steven Kings 1983 movie The Dead Zone. Maybe they were right on target!

There is a place located on Guildwood Parkway in Scarborough called Giuld’s Inn Garden of Ruins.  It is a collection of the city of Toronto’s pieces of demolished buildings. The collection includes arches and columns from building such as Toronto Dominion Bank as well it has a 19th century log cabin. There is a large mansion on the property that has quite the history. Built in the early 1900’s as the “Ranelagh Park” owned by a man named Col. Harold Bickford it then became the China Missionary Seminary and “Cliff Acres” Estate.  In 1932 it was bought by Rosa Hewitson and her husband Spencer Clark it was converted to an artist colony and Inn. The Inn continued to operate until 2001. The mansion to date is being restored and used for weddings and gatherings. It would be interesting to walk the halls and hear the stories that house has to tell. Looks like a cool place!

From a giant apple in Colborne or the giant Muscat in Dunneville, Ontario has its share of odd and strange things. I can not wait until we can get out and explore again. This world has so many interesting things to see and experience and I just want to see them all!

If you think you know some strange and odd places you think I would like leave them in the comment section below. I would love to hear about them.

Thanks for coming along on my Chipmunk Adventure!

See you next time!


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