From Housewife to Vanlife

Vanlife! 💜

Wow what a week it has been! With the release of my book and how well it over I am just overwhelmed. To all of you that sent a congrats and bought my book a very big thank you! To all that thought it was good enough to share with your friends that is an honor!

Writing the book and self publishing was certainly a learning curve. Formatting and editing and putting it together was exciting and frustrating but when I seen it in print well I can not even describe that feeling! I am so proud of me!! This is actually Kim and Tom’s copy. Mine have to be shipped to the US because of publishing laws even though they are printed in Bolton, which is about an hour from me. Hahaha! Dam!

So what is next? Where can this take me? Another book? Well yes definitely. I have the title and a first paragraph done. Hahaha! Writing a book takes a lot of time so learning to market this one will be the next step, I suck at marketing so it will probably be the hardest. Things like making it available on my website and then paid and non-paid marketing through social media outlets as well as some small distribution of the books themselves for people to sell.

In this journey I have discovered how much I really love to write. Every blog or book is a journey within itself. I have been looking at Freelance writing for different magazines and internet outlets. Did you know National Geographic uses freelance writers for their articles? I have been reading both National Geographic and Canadian Geographic all my life. I buy them for me and my kids and my grandkids. Can you imagine if I could write an article for them? How cool would that be!

There thousands of magazines that hire freelance writers for their articles even bloggers that hire people to write their blogs for them. I joined an organization called Location Rebel ran by a gentleman named Sean Ogle and his partner Liz. It is very informative and interactive. I am learning a lot about freelance writing and how that world works.

Since I can not really go anywhere. I am in the warmest part of Ontario which is not nearly as warm as I would like, but I still have running water, woohoo! 😁 I might as well put the time to good use. Sooner or later the border will open and I will be able to go hug my friends and drive through a Redwood tree and finally stand on the Oregon coast.

Until then I can build on this beautiful amazing talent that I thought I had but never knew where it could take me. I am excited for the opportunity I have been shown and grateful I retired and can pursue it to its full extent.

Although the north is beautiful in the winter and there is a certain lodge that calls my name. So you never know when my copilot will say let’s go there!!

Thanks for coming along on my Chipmunk Adventure

See you next time!


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