Ontario: The Strange and Interesting. The Search Continues

As I continued on my journey to find the strange and interesting I may have found a little creepy. The picture above is Highway 11 near Cochrane. The sun setting with the promise of a beautiful day, a mist had formed over the fields. As I drove, I watched it creep along the ground reachingContinue reading “Ontario: The Strange and Interesting. The Search Continues”

Ontario: The Strange and Interesting

I decided it was time for a second book. From Housewife to Vanlife was published almost two years ago. Wow! Amazing eh! What to write about is probably the most difficult decision. Something I am passionate about is a must for my writing. What excites me the most? Travel! What part about travel gets meContinue reading “Ontario: The Strange and Interesting”

For the Love of Writing

I passed a milestone this week. 10,000 views on my website. That is 10,000 times someone has read my blog. I am so humbled by the thought. I am also so elated by the thought. This week in gratitude to you all I thought I would share with you how it all started. Even whenContinue reading “For the Love of Writing”

An RVlife Year in the Rearview: 2021

2021 started out looking pretty bleak travel wise. January brought us another lockdown and more restrictions. The US border was still closed to land travel and was not looking at opening anytime soon. There was travel restrictions between provinces and you pretty much could go nowhere. We did not know for how long or whatContinue reading “An RVlife Year in the Rearview: 2021”