Ontario: The Strange and Interesting. The Search Continues

My search for strange and interesting places continues. Come along and see what I found this week traveling Ontario. You are going to love it! Base 31 My next adventure brings me back to Picton and Base 31. History mixed with innovation for the future. I love it! Base 31 was built in 1940 asContinue reading “Ontario: The Strange and Interesting. The Search Continues”

How to Plan the Perfect Roadtrip

My next roadtrip is in July to Tweed Ontario for a custom van show. I have been there many times but each time I go somewhere, whether it be a show or a fun destination I want to see something new and exciting. Both when I get there and along the way. People always askContinue reading “How to Plan the Perfect Roadtrip”

The Memories of Days Gone Bye

There are a lot of things I miss. My friends, my coworkers, but most of all my roadtrips. Ontario has gone into another 28 day lockdown due to covid.  The Neverending story without the fluffy dog. No traveling, no friends, no family, well not my kids because nothing and no one will keep me fromContinue reading “The Memories of Days Gone Bye”

A Roadtrip into Unknown Territory!

The call of the open road is strong for me! Driving is like therapy! I could drive for hours and hours and days and days! It would not bother me a bit! Whether I am driving my Roadtrek or my 69. The sound of the tires going down the road, the feel of the freedomContinue reading “A Roadtrip into Unknown Territory!”

Roadtrippin in my 69! The Adventure Continues! 

Sunday was a beautiful day to start out the second part of my adventure. Van was rested and we were ready to hit the open highway. I mapped my way to Georgia, carefully avoiding Philadelphia and New York city. She would not like that. I drove south out of Massachusetts and into Connecticut, I gotContinue reading “Roadtrippin in my 69! The Adventure Continues! “

A Roadtrip at anytime of Year is one step closer to Paradise!

Sometimes my job requires me to travel by plane to different destinations. On those occasions I get a rental car. On this occasion to St John, New Brunswick. I miss my van but I will use what I can to roadtrip! This time it was a Chrysler 300 which is a nice big car. IContinue reading “A Roadtrip at anytime of Year is one step closer to Paradise!”