How to Plan the Perfect Roadtrip

Roadtrippin in my 69!

My next roadtrip is in July to Tweed Ontario for a custom van show. I have been there many times but each time I go somewhere, whether it be a show or a fun destination I want to see something new and exciting. Both when I get there and along the way. People always ask how I find all the cool places I post on my blog and social media pages.

How do I find interesting stops along the way? Come along, I will show you!

Laying out the route

It starts with the route. Mapping out which route I will take to get there involves looking at traffic as well as scenery. In this case since I am traveling from Niagara to eastern Ontario I have to cross Toronto. One thing I also have to consider is which van I am driving. I am going to a show so my first choice is always my 1969 Econoline. The difference? Well my Roadtrek has power steering, air conditioning and a bathroom. I can also make coffee whenever I want by pulling off the highway. My 69 has none of that. She has Armstrong manual steering, so no tight places, and a three on the tree standard transmission. Which means the shifter is on the steering column and my clutch leg will want to fall off in heavy stop and go traffic! Lol. Coffee shops and bathroom stops are a must when choosing the route. I have traveled many miles in my 69 Econoline. Check out my last big roadtrip with her to the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee.

Sometimes there is an attraction I know of that I want to go to in the area. In this case it is the Kingston Penitentiary tour. I love the city of Kingston. Anytime I pass by or am in the area to pass by, I will stop in for a visit. It is filled with history and old architecture, which I so enjoy. It also has miles and miles of graveyards which I have walked and wandered through. There is nothing like the feel and serenity of an old graveyard. So many stories all in one place. The Kingston Penitentiary was built in 1834 and was an active prison until 2013. They now do tours of the Penitentiary and it has been on my radar since they announced it. Now Kingston is past Tweed by only by a little bit. Lol.

Tweed is a pretty short roadtrip for me so extending out is easy. How do I find the interesting sights I do not know about in area? There are a couple ways I research the area. Of course googling it on Google maps is my first go to. Narrow down the map and search interesting places or whatever you’re favorite thing to do and see what pops up. I also love the website Atlas Obscura. It has a comprehensive list of gems in many different areas around the world.

Touch the symbol and find the treasure

Doing this I also found the Long Sault Parkway. A scenic route that takes you across 11 different islands in Ontario. I thought you could only do that in the keys in Florida. Just a little further down the road so it sounds like it is worth the detour. If I am not sure of road conditions, sometimes it says it is a road but really it is a path. I will do a street view to look around.

Long Sault Parkway

Now that I have found a few destinations how am I going to get there? This also effects timing as my end destination has a start date. Since I am driving the 69 I also have to look where I am going to park her. I have used Walmarts with her in the past but with her I like to have an idea of where I am parking. I also have to give myself plaque time. What’s plaque time? You know those little something interesting happened here in 3 km plaques that you see along the side of the road? It may be a historical plaque or a marker of an event, I have a large urge to follow those if it interests me. Lol.

You know I am following that sign! 🙂

Looking at the map I could take the Highway 401 all the way to Kingston. It is a beautiful drive once you are out of Toronto but a road I have traveled many times. Is there a different way? I know I will take the toll highway across Toronto, but once I am on the other side is there a scenic route? Highway 2 follows the lake through a number of little lakeside towns. A friend invited me to stay at his campground that he is building, Camp Lottarock that is on the way. If I meandered Highway 2 I could make that my first stop which would put me just east of Bellville to start my morning. Then on to Kingston to do the Penitentiary tour, then to Long Sault Parkway to go to the islands. They also have a couple of campgrounds there so I have the option of staying on the island. I also have my boondocking apps like Ioverlander and to fall back on if I find everything is full. I love options and I am a wing it type of girl. By using Highway 2 I get the coffee shops, bathrooms and the scenery. It will make for a perfect roadtrip.

When I am done sightseeing I will take the road to Tweed amd Vanamania 4.20 for a wonderful weekend of awesome friends and beautiful vans. Again there are choices. I will probably take the top route because I came the bottom.

Sometimes fastest is not always the best.

When I leave well I start the process all over again! 🙂

I hope these few tips helps you to plan you’re perfect Roadtrip. See you on the road or right here next week!

Thanks for coming along on my Chipmunk Adventure.


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    1. I type in what ever I am looking for whether it be interesting, Odd or spooky. Some fun things pop up. I also use streetview to look for no overnight parking signs for when I am looking for a place to boondock. It is a handy tool. Thanks for coming along!!

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