Roadtrippin in my 69! The Adventure Continues! 

Sunday was a beautiful day to start out the second part of my adventure. Van was rested and we were ready to hit the open highway. I mapped my way to Georgia, carefully avoiding Philadelphia and New York city. She would not like that. I drove south out of Massachusetts and into Connecticut, I got to Hartford and checked the map. Right towards Georgia or a left to Doc and Dee’s in Rhode Island. The were sort of close and it was about time to rest. I did not leave the park until late and I was on vacation right? Lol! Left it is. I love Rhode Island. It is such a very pretty place. The trees have a soft warmth to them as well as the people. When I arrived i was greeted with hugs and some friends already there! Woohoo! I knew a couple of friends were heading there, Debra and Eric but was a wonderful surprise with Nancy and Bob from British Columbia. What a wonderful evening sitting around with friends chatting and being watched by a bunny! Lol! Doc and Dee have a beautiful large yard surrounded in trees, many a party and warmth have been had in that yard. Sitting on the deck of a trailer Bob and Nancy were staying in, a bunny sat up and just watched us. Maybe he was waiting for us to leave so he could sit on the deck. Maybe he was wondering what these crazy people were laughing about! I am not sure but he was darn cute! Lol!

Monday brought a late start but coffee was a group effort! Hahaha! Priorities!! Doc showed me a great route through the mountains around the cities and off I went. West girl west! Here we go. Out of Rhode Island back into Conneticut. By Cromwell Connecticut she was getting hot and I was getting hungry. Now she runs fine in good temperatures but when it gets hot so does she. It was well into the 90’s with a high humidex factor which makes me sweat and her pissy! I have a temperature gauge not a light. Along the bottom is T E M P. T is for temperature, E is for Enjoying the ride, M is for Mommy I am getting warm, P is for I am Pissed off and you are going to be Pushing soon of you do not Pay attention! Lol! Once the little red line gets to the top of the M I need to stop and let her cool. She is old, gentle will get you a long way!

Nothing like heat to bring on a hot flash. With most of the engine under a doghouse in the van it gets mighty warm in there! We were both hot!!! Through Connecticut into the bottom of New York State, into Pennsylvania and across the top of Maryland. A few heat stops along the way. Lol! Gentle!!!

I love the rest stops in the states. Some are just rest stops but some are little parks. This is a rest stop in New Market Virginia. What a nice little walk to stretch and cool.

My first night I spent at Walmart in Harrisonburg Virginia. So convenient. Even in my 69 I find it comforting!

We were on the road early as we still had a ways to go to Georgia. A quick coffee stop and away we went. I wanted to stay at least one night in the Smokey mountains. Some friends had told me about the Blue Ridge Parkway so I wanted to check that out on the way. So you know how I love mountains and forests?? Well it’s one of my favorite places. But high places are a whole other ball game. I know I know mountains are high. But through the mountains is ok. Beside a sheer cliff of a mountain requires eyes closed. Not recommended while driving! Lol! We wound our way through the mountains of Virginia and into Tennesse. Followed the gps for the Blue Ridge Parkway. Found an old burned out visitors center with an arrow up a steep winding hill saying visitor info. Hahaha! Ok! Up we go!

She was PISSSY about that. An almost vertical climb up what she considers a backroad with large curves!! Hahaha! It was a beautiful view!! Standing way back from the edge. Going in to talk to the gentlemen he told me about the parkway. A 2-3 day ride and do not look down moments with fairly high climbs. Hmmmmm I really did not have 2 days I wanted to get to Georgia and she did not like the first climb and the whole eyes closed thing while not looking down. Hahaha! Calculating all the factors….. back to the interstate! Lol! I still wanted to stay one night in the mountains. I saw a sign for Smokey National park and followed. Stopped in a little town and the gentlemen said I could stay at the park or go a little farther up the road and pull off. So yup I went a little farther up the road. Found a little spot just like he said and crawled into bed and listened to the sounds of the night time forests! Ohhhh how I love that sound.

Listen to the sounds with me!

In the morning I headed into the park and found this awesome old graveyard. As you know I love cemeteries. There were no real tombstones just one with a name looking like it was hand carved and rocks for markers for the others. What an interesting story it must hold.

Time for a shower. Figuring the park has a campground I pay my day pass and go in. Ummm no showers, flush toilets, dump station for trailers, water hose for filling tanks but nope no showers! Hahaha! Wow really! I was told in the sweetest Tennessee accent that the National parks never did have showers probably never will. Haha! Ok!! Beautiful park. Truck stop shower it is! Finally make it to Georgia to meet some very special people. I knew Ron from Facebook. We met on social media about 4 years ago through John. I knew right away he was a beautiful soul but I never imagined the beauty I was driving into.

I pulled into the campground and there was an old VW van out front. Right on!! My kinda place! I pulled in and hugged Ron. His wife Theresa would be home soon. I had not met her even through social media but Ron said such wonderful things I was very much looking forward to it. I was introduced to Peanuts the Peacock and Sir Frederick the cat! It took me a couple of days but got Peanuts to eat peanuts from my hand. Sir Fredrick made himself at home in the van! Lol!

Theresa came home and sure enough what a beautiful amazing woman! Woke up the next morning, opened the van door and she had a Dunkin Donuts coffee for me! I knew right then I was going to love this woman!! We had a wonderful visit for the next few days. Visiting Chattanooga Tennessee and going on a ghost tour. Nope did not see any ghosts. It was very interesting though!

Visited a place called Carter Lake. Wow it’s just beautiful!!!

Went over by the dam. Noticed a not small hole with water running through at left of the flow dams in the structure. Ummmm someone needs a little boys finger! Lol! We did not stay long just in case! Lol!

The days went by in a flash with laughs and the warmth of new friendships made. I got a lot of what ifs about driving to Georgia to meet people I met online. What if I meet 2 amazing people that touched my life with such beauty a warmth will stay with me for awhile! Then I will need another hug! Hahaha

What if it’s Amazing! So glad I went. As it turns out I was closer when I was home but I was in the same country so sorta close! Lol! Homebound! Back through Tennesse and into Virginia. Stopped at a Walmart but it was really busy. Trucks and Generators so I moved to a Cracker Barrel. That was a nice change. Coffee was close and off we went. It was already Monday and Tuesday was supposed to be a work day and I still had a long way to go. But nature had other ideas. I just had to stop and look at some of the beauty along the way. Into West Virginia I had to stop at New River Gorge. Just breathtaking the view.

I stopped at a rest area and was surprised to see so many butterflies around this bush. There a lot of butterflies. It was very pretty.

I must confess I am a butterfly murderer! This little guy got trapped under my wiper going 55. I felt so bad!!

Back across the border and to my Roadtrek after midnight. Way too late for a school night. I phoned in delayed by nature!! Lol! It was an awesome week and the van performed beautifully!! She turned 50 this year! What a great way to celebrate! We both had a most excellent Roadtrip!!!

Thanks for coming along! 😊 See you on my next Chipmunk Adventure! 👋


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