49th National Van Show: Oh What a Trip

After a few days at home it was once again time to climb into my 69 Econoline and drive to Ohio to the largest Custom Van gathering in North America. We (as in my van and I 🙂) started out Wednesday morning on a hot and humid day that was to be a 7 hourContinue reading “49th National Van Show: Oh What a Trip”

Eastern Ontario: A Gem Around Every Corner

Eastern Ontario really does not get enough credit. As it winds along beside the St. Lawrence River it reveals gems every mile you go. From deep history of Kingston to the beauty of Thousands Islands and Gananoque there is something for everyone. Wanting to do a bit of touring in Eastern Ontario and always lookingContinue reading “Eastern Ontario: A Gem Around Every Corner”

Roadtrippin in My 69 Econoline

I love my Roadtrek but man there is nothing like the feeling of driving my 69 Econoline. It is like walking back in time, or driving as the case may be. She, because she is definitely a she, is all original except for the seats and the gas cap it brings me back to myContinue reading “Roadtrippin in My 69 Econoline”

Vanfest: Canada’s Premier Custom Van and Truck Show

As you all know I live in a van and also own a custom van. Vanfest is a custom show I am blessed to help with. We celebrated 25 years this year (2 years late but you know). This week I want to share how and why this event has gone from 55 vans attendingContinue reading “Vanfest: Canada’s Premier Custom Van and Truck Show”

Custom “Vanning”: More than a Hobby! It’s a Lifestyle

This week was getting ready for a custom van run. A community of people loving their custom vans and the people that own them. I have been travelling around the US and Canada going to these shows for over 30 years. It is both exhilarating to see my old friends and making new ones andContinue reading “Custom “Vanning”: More than a Hobby! It’s a Lifestyle”

Getting a Wiggle On!!

Spring is an exciting time! Everything is coming alive! The birds are singing and you can feel the warmth of the sunshine on your shoulders! The short cold days of winter move into longer warm days of summer. There are a couple of things that happen in the spring that make me wiggle! Running waterContinue reading “Getting a Wiggle On!!”

Roadtrippin in my 69! The Adventure Continues! 

Sunday was a beautiful day to start out the second part of my adventure. Van was rested and we were ready to hit the open highway. I mapped my way to Georgia, carefully avoiding Philadelphia and New York city. She would not like that. I drove south out of Massachusetts and into Connecticut, I gotContinue reading “Roadtrippin in my 69! The Adventure Continues! “

Roadtrippin in my 69 Econoline! 2 Weeks, 4000 km (2500 miles) and 9 States! Now that’s a Trip

Roadtrippin in my 69 is wayyyy different then being in the Roadtrek. Never mind the fact that there is no standing or amenities such as bathroom or sink or stove, or air conditioning, it also requires 2 hands and 2 feet! Lol! It is a 3 on the tree manual transmission with Armstrong manual steering.Continue reading “Roadtrippin in my 69 Econoline! 2 Weeks, 4000 km (2500 miles) and 9 States! Now that’s a Trip”

Purple Shoes and Awesome Friends! That makes a great day! 

This weekend brought a great Roadtrip to Rennsalar Indiana to play with my friends! Mix that with the first day of purple shoes! Woohoo! You all know how much I love my purple shoes and the adventures they take me on! It was a tip toe around the puddles Adventure! Lol! It can stop rainingContinue reading “Purple Shoes and Awesome Friends! That makes a great day! “