Roadtrippin in My 69 Econoline

My 69 Econoline

I love my Roadtrek but man there is nothing like the feeling of driving my 69 Econoline. It is like walking back in time, or driving as the case may be. She, because she is definitely a she, is all original except for the seats and the gas cap it brings me back to my childhood. The interior, built by the original owners in 1969, with the old brown paneling and orange flowered curtains brings me back to my childhood and warm thoughts of my Dad. I call it my cottage van because it is back to basics. It took me three store trips to remember I needed ice for the cooler. I am so spoiled with my fridge in my Roadtrek.

Just like being home

After switching vans on Monday I set out for Tweed Ontario for a van show. The show did not start until Thursday and it was a 3.5 hour drive so I had lots of time to dilly dally before I needed to get there. I decided to get off of Highway 401 at Port Hope and follow the smaller Highway 2 that ran along the lake. I was so glad I did. Port Hope is such a pretty little town with the main street lined with shops and cafes.

Port Hope, Ontario

A beautiful drive on a beautiful day.

Just me and my 69! Ahhhh!

The road weaving and turning through small towns. I even went through Salem. I did not even know Ontario had a Salem. It was not like Salem Massachusetts but the first thing you came across was a graveyard. Lol

Salem, Ontario

My first stop was a friend of a friend’s place just east of Belleville. Now, I am not much of a stop at a friend of a friend’s place kind of girl but he insisted that I would fall in love with the place. Well little did I know I would fall in love with the people too. Camp LottaRock is the vision of Andy and Becky Babiak. It is private event park that is still in the making. Weddings, corporate events, private parties can be held here in the future. What a fantastic park with already some extraordinary features. A two story Not Hotel in the back with a large room for events and a balcony to sit and have drinks. I just loved the little diner he had set up for an ice cream parlour as well as the “shop” up front. Inside an imaginative set up of shops and cafes the whole place gave you a warm comfortable feeling. I cannot wait to see this place when it is done!

The Diner
The Shop

Do you see the cars in the picture? They are actually BBQ’s. They also own a business called Barbeque Party in a Box. They are not just BBQ’s. The actual BBQ’s are cars, an A Team Van, even an airplane. If you are planning an event you have got to check this out. I can guarantee that your event will be the one everyone’s talking about.

It’s a plane! No it’s a BBQ!

Andy and Becky are such interesting and talented people. They are also the team behind Tint Tek 20/20. A program that gives you the designs to Tint different car windows. Any car you would like. Input the program and what car you are tinting and the machine cuts the design for you. Andy is the creator of this first of its kind program and Becky does the rest! Lol!

Beautiful amazing people we just clicked and I know I now have forever friends and so do they! Thank you both so much for your hospitality and warmth.

Where the magic happens!

The next day I was planning on going to Kingston Penitentiary for the tour but we woke up to rain and then more rain. Lol. Driving the 69 she does not like rain. Oh she will drive in it but she will complain about it.

I finally made it to Kingston Penitentiary on Wednesday. Oh my stars what a fantastic tour. Filled with history and story’s of escapes attempts and even a murder with in the walls. Check out last week’s blog and come along on the tour with me.

Kingston Penitentiary

Thursday was van show day and time to go play with my friends! Woohoo! Time to go see some pretty vans and hug some beautiful people.

It was only a short drive to get there by backroads and I am thinking when my GPS heard me say backroads it decided to take me to do some backroading. Following the gps it had me turn left onto a dirt road. It was hard packed and you know me I will try it. All was going great until we got to the tree across the road. It was not all the way across but enough I could not squeeze by without scratching my paint. It was big so moving it was not going to be an option, turning around was not really an option or maybe the last option because I have Armstrong steering and really really try to avoid 13 point turns. I got out of the van and stepped on the end of the branches and they just broke under my foot. I broke enough off that I squeeze around and tada…back to getting closer to Tweed.

I am not squeezing through there.

Vanamania 4.20 put on by C’old School Vanclub was their second time putting on this event. They did an awesome job. Over 100 vans through the gate and over 40 on the show field. Check out the show on my You Tube Channel. They also did a cruise. I personally love cruises. 41 custom vans of all shapes and sizes driving down the road. It is an impressive show on wheels. We do it at a lot at shows and really is one of my favorite parts.

Cruisin! ๐Ÿ™‚

My morning view! Gotta love it!

You just have to love the view!

Some pretty vans

Sooo pretty!

Vanning is not just about the vans. It is about the beautiful people that drive them. The friendships that are made and the memories never to be forgotten. Unless of course those memories happened on Saturday night then they could be a little blurry!! Lol.

My friends! ๐Ÿ’œ

What a fabulous time with wonderful friends. How wonderful you ask…well as I was packing the van to leave I noticed I was a little flat on one side. I had picked up a nail.

Soaping to find the leak

There were only a few people left. Jano came over and Maddie from C’old School Van Club. Maddie had a tire repair kit and him and Jano fixed my flat, blew me back up and I was on my way! Thank you soooo much guys! Vanners helping Vanners!! BTW I now own a tire repair kit! ๐Ÿ˜Š

That is the end of the blog but not the adventure. Check out next week and see the cool places I found and how Vanners would again come to my rescue!

Thanks for coming along on my Chipmunk Adventure! See you next week.


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    1. Thank goodness. I now have a tire repair kit. My only worry is I may have not got the strength to push the plug through the tire, but we will deal with that obsticle if it happens again.

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