Roadtrippin in My 69 Econoline

I love my Roadtrek but man there is nothing like the feeling of driving my 69 Econoline. It is like walking back in time, or driving as the case may be. She, because she is definitely a she, is all original except for the seats and the gas cap it brings me back to myContinue reading “Roadtrippin in My 69 Econoline”

Vanfest: Canada’s Premier Custom Van and Truck Show

As you all know I live in a van and also own a custom van. Vanfest is a custom show I am blessed to help with. We celebrated 25 years this year (2 years late but you know). This week I want to share how and why this event has gone from 55 vans attendingContinue reading “Vanfest: Canada’s Premier Custom Van and Truck Show”