Cruising in My Econoline

Back in Ontario it was time to play with my toy. As you know I have two vans. The one I live in and the one I play in.

Van switch

There is nothing like Criusing in my 69 Econoline. Usually I am cruising to play with my friends so it makes it always a great ride. One Saturday I was invited to go to a cruise hosted by High by Night Vans. My friends have some pretty cool toys and to be in a line of 20 – 30 vans driving down the street, well that’s just cool!

The day started early. The cruise started in Brantford Ontario at 10 am. My 69 is in Port Colborne which is a good 1.5 hours from there. Definitely a coffee morning. It is so weird when I change over one van to another. I go from having everything I want, coffee, food, change of clothes, all is in my Roadtrek to, do not stand and make sure I bring everything. Lol! I will usually hit my head on the roof at least once a trip in my 69. Once in New York on my way to a Van National Custom Van Show I hit my head so hard I seen stars even though it was raining.

I pulled out on a beautiful Saturday morning and was just down the street when I had to come to a complete stop. Apparently there was a duck crossing. Lol!

Duck crossing

A smooth drive and I pulled into the parking lot where we were meeting. There was at least 10 vans there when I arrived and another 10 or more would arrive after me. Ohh what a sweet sight.

The start of a great day

The vans are pretty but the people are beautiful. It was so nice to hug my friends after not seeing them for so long. As people arrived and hellos and hugs the line grew from lookin good to just darn impressive.

Get ready for some real sweet rides!

Sweet line
Sweet rides

Pulling out of Brantford and onto to the highway we all turned some heads. It was a great ride. We stopped in Woodstock for some more really great vans and awesome people.

A sea of vans

The end of the route was in Port Dover and we wove down the backroads to our destination. In all there was over 40 vans in the line. It is a lot to manage when you are trying to keep us all together. We got turned around once and I had to do a 5 point turn. Lol! My 1969 Econoline affectionately known as “The Finicky Bitch” is a standard transmission with Armstrong steering. Turning her on pavement requires strength and a a little rocking with the clutch.  It is not for the faint of heart. Lol!

Back in the line we carried on to Port Dover.

An impressive line

We pulled onto a show field that would impress any number of shows.

A few of the vans.


The vans are sweet but the friends are the sweetest! Some of these people have been my friends for 30 years and some I just met this summer. No matter when it is a delight to see them anytime.

Friends! 💜

I love my vanning family. I cannot wait to hug those friends in the United States. It has been way too long!

High by Night Vans put on a great fun event. Thanks guys and gals! As the season moves to a close we look forward to next year and hopefully a full vanning season with lots of cool vans and warm hugs!

See you next week. Your not going to believe what I found on A Chipmunk Adventure to Northern Ontario.


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