Purple Shoes and Awesome Friends! That makes a great day! 

This weekend brought a great Roadtrip to Rennsalar Indiana to play with my friends! Mix that with the first day of purple shoes! Woohoo! You all know how much I love my purple shoes and the adventures they take me on! It was a tip toe around the puddles Adventure! Lol! It can stop raining now! I am very blessed with not only living in a van but being a “vanner”. What’s that you ask? It is people all over the world brought together in a common interest. Vans! But it not just the vans, it is the people! Wonderful amazing people that fill you with love laughter and support! Everywhere you go there is a hug and a happy to see you. We travel all over the US and Canada getting together, showing off our vans and enjoying the company of friends. This weekend I was in Rennsalar Indiana with the van club I belong to Midwest Vans. I call them my Midwest family because they feel like family!

Oh we have fun! Ever heard of Van Jousting? Haha! It really is fun! Check out my YouTube channel to see how that works!


Like vanlife there are all kinds of vans. Big ones, small ones, fancy, stock and street! There is a lot of love, time and dreams put into their vans. The party usually starts on Friday and we throw a show on Saturday. Bands, games and lots of laughter. It’s like camping with all of your friends!! We go from campsite to campsite seeing friends and reminiscing of old memories and making new ones! A few of the toys we enjoyed this weekend!

I spoke of games! The Pub crawl is always a fun game! Lol! Different clubs volunteer to put together a pub! Drinks are served and sometimes snacks. The group moves from pub to pub (campsite to campsite) until there are no more or you have to go lay down! Hahaha!

Not only do you get to meet people from all different places. You get to go to all different places. I love exploring! I always make sure at least for a little while I go out and drive around. Love this old building! My van looked so good in front of it. Sitting on a cobble stone road! 😊

Never underestimate the power of your support system!!! After a weekend vanning, the empowerment I feel is uplifting! The positive energy that is there is amazing! It’s not for everyone. But I will say that if you look around. See the people that truly care about you. Yes there are people out there that want to see you fall. But look past those for they do not matter. Do not look past the people that care about you! That want to know that you are ok. All of these people are not all my closest friends. Not all of them care. Some do not even like me. Some do not know me. But for those that do care. A hug and a smile. A laugh or 2. A glad to see you! Gives me such a fresh breath. A deep breath of good so I can deal with the real! They say I have good friends because I am a good friend! I say I am a good friend because I have good friends!

Next Vanning Event…2 weeks! Vanfest in Aylmer Ont. Next Chipmunk adventure soon! See you then!


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