A Sunday at the Park

What a beautiful day it was today! So much of a difference then the last few. I do not where you are but I am in Timmins Ont in Northern Ontario. I am camped at Kettle Lakes Provincial Park. My Sunday started with a sweet birthday note, hot coffee and this view!! Ahhhhh! Wonderful!!!

Kettle Lakes is one of the most northern parks you can drive into. I love staying at our provincial parks. The facilities are always nice and the staff I find are extremely helpful. This park is no exception. The campsite is surrounded by trees and I am in the forest which is my favorite place to be. This time of year is also great because the kids are still in school so they are not busy. Quiet with only the sounds of nature!

Tuesday morning the sounds of nature were confusing! Lol! As I was getting ready for work I heard a rattling noise. Something metal. I get out to unhook the electrical to drive to work and there is that sound. I look around, and there is a little woodpecker on the back of a sign. Looking like he is loving his little morning alarm. Pecking at the back of the sign making the noise! Hahaha! I laughed!

Check out the confused little woodpecker on my YouTube Channel https://youtu.be/WTiddLJr9dA

I got in a short walk after work and noticed little cotton like fluffs floating everywhere. I turned the corner and it was like little cotton tumbleweeds coming towards me! Hahaha!

Then the rain came and came and came! Yesterday was my birthday and it poured all day! A pajama and movie day! Lol! Woohoo!

Then this morning the sun shone! I made coffee, opened the door and enjoyed the fresh air and warmth of the sun! After a second coffee, it is Sunday after all and I am sipping it, Lol, a shower was in order and a load of laundry. I am parked a fair distance from the showers and laundry so I grabbed my shower and laundry bag and off I went. I love a campground shower! The water just always feels softer. Maybe it’s the outdoor thing, even tho I am not really showering outdoors but close! Lol!

It’s a beautiful park with lots of trails. Went for a walk waiting for the laundry to dry. I am in Bear country so I have to be vigilant. They are active in the area. The way I look at it is I am a visitor in their home. I respect both them and their space.

And I have Bear Bells!!! Hahaha!

Came back to the van and gave her a good cleaning, washed the floor, cleaned the kitchen Hahaha, and pulled up my lawn chair. Sitting and enjoying the quiet and something caught my eye! A little Chipmunk! Oh my stars he was so cute. Up on the picnic table beside me and looked at me! Haha! I just love critters! I believe they are accustom to people. He did not seem shy. I had just made some soup and had some crackers. He took them so sweetly from my hand. Went over and looked at the door of the van a couple of times! Nooo only one Chipmunk allowed in the van! Haha!

Check out his cuteness when a Chipmunk comes along on my Chipmunk Adventures! https://youtu.be/AmfXsMsMAB0

The day ended as wonderfully as it began! Roasting hot dogs over a nice fire! A warm cup of coffee and a chat with a cute little Chipmunk!

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See you next time!


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