The Little Things that Makes Life Comfy!

They say it is is the little things in life that make you most happy! “They” are not often right but this time I will give it to them! As some of you know I like coffee. It is one of those little things that give me pleasure. If you do not know follow me on Facebook it will become abundantly clear! Lol!

Living in a small space presents its challenges. Living in a van brings on a whole new challenge!

How do I make good coffee? It was one of my first thoughts actually when I found her and realized she did not have a generator, and where was I going to put a coffee maker even if I had the power to run it! Nope not drinking instant. Good for some not for me! Haha! My daughter Tanya came up with the idea of the single coffee filter holder. Her and her family are back country campers. She knows small and light! She invited me. My van can not fit in the canoe! Haha! The holder folds down to a small disk so easy storage and requires no power. Perfect!! We found it at the Sail store. That was an interesting place. Now I have something small that gives me great pleasure! 😊

Finding things that make me comfortable in little size and keeping in mind the power factor. I know I talk about power a lot but it is a big factor in what I can use to make myself comfortable.

As some of you know I am a HOT woman. Lol! Only for mere moments but those moments are somethin let me tell ya! I can only run the air conditioner with shore power. I am not really much of an air conditioner girl. It makes me sneeze after awhile and I like fresh air. Unless my interior temp is 110! Then bring it on. But shut it off quickly i will be cold soon! Haha! See my dilemma? I found a small 12v clip on fan! Ohhhh yaaa! I can clip it on any of the cupboards and it takes minimal power to run! Does the cool down job perfectly!

You sang that eh! ☝️ Hahaha!

As you know from my last blog I am at Kettle Lakes Provincial Park in Timmins for work! Beautiful park! Its mosquito season! Like they do not come in packs they come in HERDS!!! Hahaha! Geeezus! They are bigger in the north too! I swear! I went for a walk yesterday. Did not take the trail guide map with me. That is never a good thing! Lol! Some beautiful forest here! There are 22 different small lakes. All protected by mosquitoes!! As I made lefts and rights down the path the spray I had put on was wearing off. I did follow a path to a beautiful little lake.

That was before the spray wore off! They started to gather, ahhhhh another victim!! Haha! At one point i had to stop and look around and try to figure a way back to the main road. These mosquitoes were just too much. Dam wish I had brought that map. This is Lake Sac! Don’t know! Haha! Not asking!! Lol! Are you wondering what lake is beside it? I do not know that either! Lol!

Time for some serious mosquito repellent! That’s not going to kill me. That is small for storage and I can take with me on walks. Off to Canadian Tire. One of the ladies at work said the thermacell might be the answer. I hate putting that chemical spray on me. And they will get my exposed parts because I will only put it on my clothes. This works great! It repels the mosquitoes and it comes with a carry bag! There is no live flame and it does not smell like you are being poisoned! Great find! Now I am comfortable outside and in! I can go for walks, barbecue, or sit by the fire!

Not tonight! It’s raining again! Time to sit back and relax, sip my coffee and be thankful for the little things that make me comfy!

Thanks for coming along on my Chipmunk Adventure! See you next time!


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