It’s a Chipmunk Purple Shoe Adventure!

Started out looking for Ghost towns! My search did not turn up many ghost towns but as always adventure was in the air! The roads were a little bumpy in my search! Lol! But I did not have to back up out of anywhere this time! Lol!

I have spent the last 2 weekends exploring! One of my most favorite things to do! Last week my Adventures took me down some flooded back roads. A conservation officer told me about a beautiful little rapids along a river. Great spot to go and park. So off I went to Potters lane! The first thing I came to was a decision! Always go left. Nobody said that it is just always what I do! Hahaha!

Left I go. Not too bad a road but one lane,narrow and dirt. Slow and steady wins the race! Lol! It will be ok as long as I do not meet anyone coming back the other way! About 2 -2.5 miles in I figure I have to be coming close to the rapids he was talking about! Well not rapids but another decision! Haha!

Now I may have made it through! But let’s think about this. It’s a dirt road, not pavement under that water. How deep is it really?? Not a chance I want to take with no cell service and flooding out my basement was not something I wanted to consider.

Now I have backed out of places before but I am thinking that is is the longest!! Soooo glad I did not meet another vehicle. Once I got back to the fork a pick up headed down that way! He came from the right fork so maybe I could get through that way!

At least I had enough room to turn around and it was a much shorter retreat! Hahaha!

Back on the Highway and North towards Cochrane. There was a Polar Bear Exibit and a Train Station I wanted to see! On the way I noticed the sign for the 49th Parallel. How very cool! You know I had to stop and get a picture of my van on the 49th Parallel!

Cochrane is pretty far north. It is one of the most northern communities in Ontario you can drive to. There is a train you can catch to go farther north to Moosenee and I have been told in the winter there is an ice road you can take. That would have been cool to drive eh!

Off to the Polar Bear Exibit and train station! Both very interesting places. The train station has been restored and is very much like it was when it was first built. It has a very nice little restaurant that I stopped for lunch and also noticed that it allowed 4 days of parking in one lot and 7 days in the RV lot! Oh Ya!!! Boondocking places! Woohoo!

The Polar Bear Exhibit was much better then I expected! Yes I saw Polar Bears! They were huge!! Very cool creatures. Met a couple of ladies who told me I was witnessing a temper tantrum by a polar bear! Lol! He was rubbing himself on the fence and making polar bear noises. All because his buddy was next door getting watermelon!! Hahaha! He could not see him but he knew it! And yup he was right! Lol!

Along with the Polar Bears was a recreation of a town in the early 1900’s. With a homestead, stables, school, blacksmith shop and fire department! All very original and very interesting!

t was a very interesting tour. Back to the park by way of back roads (paved backroads lol). A young moose drinking by the side of the road. I could not get a picture darn it. But I did get a picture and video of the Black Bear I saw at the side of the road! Oh my stars he was soooo cute!!

The video of him:

I have seen a couple of bears now! They are pretty quick creatures for the size of them. Very cool to see them in their home!

This weekend found me out in search of Ghost towns! Haha! They can be pretty elusive! But the fun is in the journey not the destination!

Off into the forest to find ruins of a community that once was. Took Hwy 11 North and followed a couple of leads along some back roads! Came across a bear and a little bird! Lol! Not at the same time! The bear moved off the road and into the woods before I could get close!

The little bird on the other hand made me stop the van! Hahaha! Standing in the middle of the road all puffed up about something. I stopped and had enough time to get a picture and a video of the little bird with a big attitude! Small but mighty! Remind you of someone hmmmm Lol!

Check it out!!!

I turned north on hwy 634 by Smooth Rock Falls. By the map it showed I should have been able to go in a circle that would circle north and bring me back to hwy 11 a little further west. At the most northern point was a ghost town called Fraserdale – Albititi. The first sign on the road was “This road has NO gas”. Haha! I had a full tank how long could it be! It was a ways but not a full tanks worth! Phewww!

At the top and the end was a sign that said Albititi Canyon turn right. There was a canyon but also a large hydro dam. You could not really get close. There was a bridge but did not look public so I turned around. Still no sign of a ghost town! At the right turn there was a sign that said Fraserdale to the left! Maybe it was this way. First I had to pick the road not the skidoo trail! Hahaha! After a rather bumpy ride I believe I found the ghost town and a train stop! Lol! Apparently the train to Moosenee stops there! Litterly the middle of nowhere!

My video of Fraserdale. It’s a bumpy ride hang on tight! Lol!

Back down 634 since going around was not an option. It was getting later and since I had been driving all day it was time to find a place to stop! The boondocking spots were numerous. On the way up I had seen this road that was sort of going nowhere. Overgrown and just kind of forgotten! There was a small gravel path to the pavement so i thought this would be the perfect spot to spend the night! In the forest, on pavement (no sinking) listening to the rain and the sounds of the night forest!

Being this far north the sounds at night are very cool! Moose crashing not moving through the brush! The sounds of the wolves talking to each other. The sounds of the night birds on the prowl! As night falls a new world emerges! What an awesome way to fall asleep!

Sunday brought a road trip into Cochrane for gas with a side trip to Matheson just because it’s there! Lol! In these parts you also share the road with Mennonites. I admire these people that live so simply against all odds and choose to shun modern technology!

One of my favorite things to come across is the Arctic Watershed! Where all streams run north or south depending on which side of the sign you are standing on! The concept fascinates me.

A beautiful drive back looking at Lupins along the side of the road! I have never seen them anywhere but the east coast so I was surprised to see them up here. They are a vibrant beautiful flower but oddly does not seem to have a scent! Pretty to look at though!

Along the way I saw a sign for a cemetery! Hahaha! You know I had to turn! Very nice little place with a warm feel! Sat awhile and felt the peace! I love cemeteries!

What is the end of a road trip without Ice Cream! Stopped at a little roadside place for ice cream on my way back to the park. Because next to coffee, ice cream is a must! Lol! It was good! Nice little store with it! I love little places like those!

Back at the park, showered, dinner cooked over an open fire and time to relax and smile! Thankful for what life has to offer me and the beautiful place I am!

Cheers! Thanks for coming along on my Purple Shoe Chipmunk Adventure!

See you next time!


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