Spontaneity and Vanlife!

If vanlife makes one thing easier it’s being spontaneous! You know those moments when without a plan you just do it! I have always been spontaneous person! But with a house, and kids it was a tad more difficult! But doable! 😊 Thursday I was at work. We had a good hold on the projectContinue reading “Spontaneity and Vanlife!”

It’s a Chipmunk Purple Shoe Adventure!

Started out looking for Ghost towns! My search did not turn up many ghost towns but as always adventure was in the air! The roads were a little bumpy in my search! Lol! But I did not have to back up out of anywhere this time! Lol! I have spent the last 2 weekends exploring!Continue reading “It’s a Chipmunk Purple Shoe Adventure!”

On the Hunt for the Elusive Aurora Borealis!

What a beautiful weekend it was. I got up Saturday morning and looked outside and it was gray and cold but NOT snowing! Lol! I will take it! Checked the Aurora Borealis forcast ..Active! Woohoo! The first thing I check is the weather.. -11, no snow in the forcast. Clearing for a sunny day tomorrow.Continue reading “On the Hunt for the Elusive Aurora Borealis!”

Home is where my heart is!

Sometimes my job involves travel and although I stay in nice hotels and rent nice cars my van is still home and it’s nice to come back to. I landed in Toronto Friday from St John New Brunswick, Thanks to Kim and Tom for picking me up from the airport and looking after my homeContinue reading “Home is where my heart is!”