On the Hunt for the Elusive Aurora Borealis!

What a beautiful weekend it was. I got up Saturday morning and looked outside and it was gray and cold but NOT snowing! Lol! I will take it! Checked the Aurora Borealis forcast ..Active! Woohoo!

The first thing I check is the weather.. -11, no snow in the forcast. Clearing for a sunny day tomorrow. Right on! Then the road report. Snow covered to the north but clear to the south. Now since as we know the weather is not an exact science and no warming trend I went south. There is a big area between and Sudbury. Let’s see if I can find a road into the interior.

Started out a pretty dull day! But I never get tired of the trees. Pretty tired of the potholes tho I will tell ya. Even the main highways are an obstacle course. Ugggg!
One of the first things I came across was the Arctic Watershed. The forces of nature fascinate me. The Arctic Watershed is the line or point where the rivers and streams flow north or on the otherside of the line the water flows south. Kind of like standing in the middle! Hahaha!

The picnic area was closed tho! 😣 Till July with the amount of snow! Haha!

Oh my stars I got so lost but man it was some beautiful scenery. I turned down a good looking side road and drove. Turned this way.. turned that way. Stopped a few times to say ahhhhh! That is pretty. The road I turned down was 2 lane and paved. As I drove it got less paved and less paved. Haha! I was down to no paved! It was getting to be a rough ride. Sunset was in a few hours. I will need to start to think about finding a place to park. Normally that would not he an issue up here. There is always a pull off or a spot by a stream or a picnic area. But with all the snow it was limited. I was in a no Google map area so I had to just keep on driving and see where I came out! One right turn…or 2 and boom civilization! Hahaha! Now to figure out where I was.

Just a note…you can see some of my backroading on my You Tube Channel. Chipmunk Adventures. Check it out! https://youtu.be/L1__RhBiIcQ
After my coffee requirement it was up the 144 towards Timmins. I had traveled pretty far south! Haha! The sky looked like it was breaking up and the sun setting and my Aurora Borealis Alert was blinking active! Time to find dark sky in a safe spot.
Found a small spot off a snowed in side road. I think the snowmobilers park there. Lit a candle and turned on the furnace and watched the sky. It was still pretty cloudy. I had no internet so I pulled out my book! It was such a nice evening. Colder than holy crap but I had enough unfrozen water to make coffee so woohoo!

Found this awesome salted Caramel candle at a little roadside place I came across. I love the glow and warmth of a candle in the van. On an evening where the energy is building, it is perfect. You could not see it but you could feel it!

Now I want to share something with you! Something some may not understand. But I feel it is important that I share it with you!

As it got later and later, the clouds were still thick but the air was thick with energy. It was a little after midnight I snuffed out the candle and layed down and closed my eyes. Then I heard the drums. Not like Metallica drums but like someone drumming on a canvas drum. I knew I was alone. In a massive forest. I thought maybe I was dreaming. I sat up. Looked out the windows. Still I could hear the beat of the drums. Satisfied but mystified no one was outside I layed back down. I closed my eyes and was just drifting of and felt something touch my arm and a sound. I am not sure I can explain it. Like a sound when a magic wand is waved. The only thing I can think of is brrrring. Lol! But that was not it. I smiled. And slept so soundly.

What an awesome experience!

My hunt for the elusive Aurora Borealis is not over. Next time I will see it as well as feel it but either way it is worth the trip!

Thanks for coming along on my Chipmunk Adventure!
See you next time!


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